Bxie Blonde @ Publika

Mr.X found this new café opening in Publika and suggested we try them out. When he showed me the photos of Bxie Blonde, I was really attracted by the concept.

The upcycled container painted in blue and turquoise, with some element of white finishing.

 A double decker café with alfresco area for some fresh air, if you like.

The icon of Bxie Blonde - the huge golden man with wings, holding a windmill.

My stickman version. :p

Mr.X ordered a Cappuccino (RM10) and was served with a piggy coffee art. LOL. So I requested my Latte (RM11) to serve in Hello Kitty coffee art. I know, is not Hello Kitty at all. =.=" But good effort.

I ordered a Mushroom Pesto Lasagne (RM25). When the waiter served the dish, I was surprise with the portion. So small and I thought this is a starter, instead of a main dish. Despite the portion, the lasagne tasted quite good, but I wish for more cheese. 

He ordered a Lamb Sandwiches (RM28). Again, we are shocked by the tiny portion, thou the bun is fluffy and the seasoning was good, I could barely taste lamb. With such price, I expected at least more lamb, and you can keep that same size of bun.

Our total bill came at RM85.85, with half empty stomach. My advice is, have your dinner first before you visit Bxie Blonde. You can enjoy your coffee time there.
Bxie Blonde
Publika Square,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur. 



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