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Slurp Cafe @ 3Two Square

I saw this café on 8TV Programme - Ho Chiak and been wanted to try out their signature dishes. Went once on Monday but they were close. This time, I went on a Wednesday and thankfully, they were open with crowd free. This is a Western meets Eastern concept of café. #1 #2 Let's welcome representative from Eastern - Goku and representative from Western - Superman! *claps* #3 My stickman version. LOL.   #4 Figurines displayed for your viewing pleasure. #5 Vintage plates with funny meme. My favourite is the one with 'Never Underestimate The Power of Stupid People In Large Groups'. How true is it. #6 I ordered a Hot Macha Latte while he ordered a Banana Milk . Mine was too sweet, should have ask for less sweet. #7 Both of us were too full so we only ordered one main dish to share. This is one of the specialty - Maggi Murtabak Burger with Chicken patty. You can choose beef one if you like. This is really yummy. Imagine

Bxie Blonde @ Publika

Mr.X found this new café opening in Publika and suggested we try them out. When he showed me the photos of Bxie Blonde, I was really attracted by the concept. #1 The upcycled container painted in blue and turquoise, with some element of white finishing. #2  A double decker café with alfresco area for some fresh air, if you like. #3 The icon of Bxie Blonde - the huge golden man with wings, holding a windmill. #4 My stickman version. :p #5 Mr.X ordered a Cappuccino (RM10) and was served with a piggy coffee art. LOL. So I requested my Latte (RM11) to serve in Hello Kitty coffee art. I know, is not Hello Kitty at all. =.=" But good effort. #6 I ordered a Mushroom Pesto Lasagne (RM25). When the waiter served the dish, I was surprise with the portion. So small and I thought this is a starter, instead of a main dish. Despite the portion, the lasagne tasted quite good, but I wish for more cheese.  #7 He ordered a Lamb Sa