Sekeping Terasek & Monkey Garage

Last year I went to Sekeping Tenggiri for a weekend getaway, this time I have chosen another Sekeping Retreats which is nearer to Bangsar Baru - Sekeping Terasek. Similar to Sekeping Tenggiri, your eyes need to be very sharp in order to spot the house among the neighbourhood.   

We have reached our destination!!! Kitty was very excited!!!

Ring the door bell so that the caretaker will open the gate for you and welcome you. Sorry, no red carpet. Expect a shy guy with Afro to open the gate for you. :p

The living room is very big and homey style compare to Sekeping Tenggiri

No swimming pool in Sekeping Terasek, but you can enjoy a fish spa with no fishes in this small foot pool. 

There is a kitchen here too. Not sure whether we are allow to cook. But who would like to get her hands dirty on a weekend getaway?? Not me, definitely. 

The staircase linked to upstairs.

The living area outside my room. 

There is a roof top area too. I think it will be good to enjoy the sky full of stars at night. (if there is stars la... )

Kitty enjoyed climbing on the roof top. I think she did a pretty good job as the model for my photos. ^.^

My room! This is considered the Master Bedroom of this house, hence this is the biggest room among all 5 rooms in the house. The design is so much modern compare to Sekeping Tenggiri.

The toilet has better privacy compare to Sekeping Tenggiri. No more shower under the sky. LOL.


One minute sit like a boss, next minute she is throwing her tantrum and covered her face. =.=

Sexy mama got no time to pujuk Kitty, busy dolled up. Okay, my right hand looked super slim and long in this photo. :) 

PrinCess of the Night:
Hello Kitty cropped top, Forever 21.
Denim shorts, H&M.
Shoes, New Balance.
Kitty F., Build-a-Bear.

"I tell you a secret, sshhh........"

I want a 42 inches long legs, and nope, I only have 39 inches. FML. 3 inches more, not possible to grow huh?! :'(

Never mind, I should go and have dinner now and I will gain my 3 inches, around belly thou. LOL. :p Since I am in Bangsar, of course I stayed around that corner for my dinner. Went to Monkey Garage, which is next to Regal Valet.

Cement flooring with wooden furnitures.

Colorful mural painting with high tables and chairs. 

The drink counter cum cashier in the middle of the cafe. 

Racer suits with helmet and engine oils on the wall as decoration. 

The reason why I have chosen Monkey Garage for dinner is because of its menu. There are too many cafes blooming in KL. Cafe need to come out not only special concept, but also unique menu, please don't tell me Big Breakfast anymore, I had too many of that.

My Hot Long Black. 

His Hazelnut Latte. I tried a sip and yeah, this is pretty good. Not too sweet.

One of the signature dishes - Caramelized Spicy Fried Siew Yuk with Chilli, Garlic & Onion. You can have this with rice or spaghetti, or just eat it alone. I would say this is pretty good, besides the roasted pork belly is sort of over fried, hence beyond crispy, and became a bit hard to chew.  

Signature Har Mi Capellini Pasta & Garlic Prawn served with Homemade Dried Shrimp Sambal Belacan, together with Shrimp Floss, Half-Boiled Eggs and Lemon. I guessed this is inspired by Har Zi Mee from Hong Kong. LOL. Tasted very much like Har Zi Mee. I would say this is really nice, and of course, unique way of preparing pasta. Once in a while, try something special when we get really tired of carbonara, bolognese and aglio olio. 

Another munchies - Deep Fried Nam Yu Pork Belly served with Roasted Sesame Sweet Sauce. Okay, fried nam yu pork belly is very common if you always eat at Chinese  restaurant. What makes this dish special is the sauce. At first it tasted a bit like peanuts, but second tried you can taste the fragrance of sesame. The pork belly should not over fried too because the fat part became not chewable anymore. This is such a pity. Despite the over fried part, the taste is really good.

Some drawbacks of Monkey Garage. Firstly, the smoking and non-smoking zone should be divided clearly as I really don't appreciate the smell of cigarette. Secondly, Monkey Garage is now serving BBQ but they barbecue at the front entrance, where customers walk in and out, the door open and close, and obviously, indoor is flooded with smoke and my eyes became sore and my hair smelled like I just got burned somewhere. I have responded to the person-in-charge and I hope these 2 issues could be address as soon as possible. Besides that, Monkey Garage is really worth to visit, for their unique menu.     

Lovely countdown dinner with Mr.X. Happy 1st anniversary.

Sekeping Terasek
42-a, Jalan Terasek,
Bangsar Baru.

Monkey Garage
Lot 61, Jalan Maarof,
59000 Kuala Lumpur.

Phone: 60122320239



  1. Visited for just drinks but the environment is just so-so...

    Have not tried their food though..

    1. To be frank, the environment really average only, compare to many others. But you should really try out their food! I would say their food is what make me visit them again! :)

  2. Hi Valerie, I found your blog by chance. I hope you get to read this! :)

    I'm thinking of having a b'day surprise for my boyfriend end of November, just both of us spending a nigh together. I might bring his friends over to surprise him during midnight, too.

    Which Sekeping retreat would you recommend and why? Sorry if I posted twice, not sure if my mobile is sending through the comment. Thank you Valerie! :)

    1. Which Sekeping - Tenggiri or Temasek? :)

    2. Hi Anna, thanks for leaving me comments. :) To answer your question, are you looking for better room condition or you prefer the outdoor ambiance with swimming pool? Sekeping Terasek has better room conditions as in overall bed and bathroom are more modern and easily acceptable by public. While Sekeping Tenggiri ( will have swimming pool where you and your boyfriend, or even his friend can have fun at the pool . But the bed and bathroom might not be as what you will like. I hope I answered your question and I understand how struggle it is to choose between these 2 venues! Haha. Have fun ya!

  3. Thank you Valerie! You replied really quickly too, I appreciate it!!! :) x


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