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Straits Food Company & Dr. Inc

Gonna start my post with a moment of silence as my great-grandpa just passed away on 19th January, 5.00 in the morning. He is 103 years old and he has gone peacefully. From now on, he will be at God's side and take care by Him. Rest in peace, great-grandpa.   *** Standard procedure for almost every hotel and hostel, check out time is 12pm. I had quite a hard time to wake up that early on a beautiful Sunday, but do I look like I have a choice? #1 Very moody to leave this serene retreat. PrinCess of the Day : Galaxy printed cropped top, Jaspal . High waist flare skirt, Kitschen . Shoes, New Balance . Hello Kitty bag, Samantha Vega . Bowler hat, Brands Outlet . Kitty F., Build-a-Bear . Hello Kitty luggage, from Sanrio Taiwan . This weekend getaway was fully planned by me, from accommodation to food. Hence, I have found few interested places for our meals, including Monkey Garage where we had our countdown dinner there. #2 The selected Sun

Sekeping Terasek & Monkey Garage

Last year I went to Sekeping Tenggiri for a weekend getaway, this time I have chosen another Sekeping Retreats which is nearer to Bangsar Baru - Sekeping Terasek. Similar to Sekeping Tenggiri, your eyes need to be very sharp in order to spot the house among the neighbourhood.    #1 We have reached our destination!!! Kitty was very excited!!! #2 Ring the door bell so that the caretaker will open the gate for you and welcome you. Sorry, no red carpet. Expect a shy guy with Afro to open the gate for you. :p #3 The living room is very big and homey style compare to Sekeping Tenggiri .  #4 No swimming pool in Sekeping Terasek, but you can enjoy a fish spa with no fishes in this small foot pool.  #5 There is a kitchen here too. Not sure whether we are allow to cook. But who would like to get her hands dirty on a weekend getaway?? Not me, definitely.  #6 The staircase linked to upstairs. #7 The living area outside my room.  #8 There

仲夏夜 | Midsummer Night

 How you celebrated your New Year eve? A fine dining? Clubbing? Whatever it was, I wish you a Happy New Year 2015! Well, for me, I have spent my last hour of 2014 and first hour of 2015 at Midsummer Night cafe.  #1 The wall was decorated with vintage movie posters. How many your find it familiar and how many you have watched before? Uh-oh, this might reveal your age huh. LOL. #2 How can gramophone records not becoming one of the decorations in Midsummer Night, seeing the passion and love for movie of the boss. #3 My first time trying black coffee. This is called Simple Black , light roasted Ethiopia coffee bean, tasted a bit sour but easy to swallow. I don't even need to add in any sugar.  #4 Rum & Raisin Chocolate Cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (optional to add ice cream).  #5 Try the cake first without the ice cream, the bitter sweet chocolate instantly waken up your taste buds. Now, eat it with the ice cream, sweeter and cooling taste