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Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia

It is finally here in Malaysia!!! From Hong Kong to Singapore, now Hello Kitty Go Around is finally in Malaysia!!! I have been waiting for this moment to come and thanks to PR agency, I got two free Weekend Tickets. :) I was holding my tickets printed in A4 papers given by PR agency and went straight to Level 2, the Expo Hall. Then i was told that I need to go to Ground floor to redeem my physical tickets in order to get in. So i went down. Apparently i was told that my type of tickets do not required any redemption at the counter here. =.= But anyway, took a picture with the tiny Ferris Wheel with no sight of Hello Kitty. :p   #1 With Mr. Fong. #2 I went up to Level 2 again and can't wait to talked to Kitty chan on my ticketing experience. :( So this boy was checking on my tickets printed on A4 papers and before he opened his mouth, I told him, "Don't ask me to go down Ground floor again. I just came back from there and I am not going down again.&quo

Freeport A'Famosa Outlet Official Opening

Who likes to be fashionable and yet no need to spend a bomb? *both hands and legs up* Thanks to Freeport A'Famosa Outlet, now you can, I can, we can!!!  :D On the 5th December 2015, Freeport A'Famosa Outlet officially open its door and ushered the long waited crowds in. Located close by the Alor Gajah toll on the North-South Expressway, this outlet is easily accessible by customers from Klang Valley, Malacca and nearby town; and also tourists, with 9 million and 15 million headcounts respectively each year. No one will not know about this place as this is a landmark when you talk about going to water themed resort near Malacca.  #1 Within the 180,000 sq ft , this outlet is designed on Malacca's Dutch heritage with an open air mall featuring lake, fountains, carousel and windmill for an overall refreshing and unique architecture.  #2 #3 There are more than 60 brands opened at Freeport A'Famosa Outlet, including Nike, Cotton On, Esprit, P