X'mas Eve Celebration @ No Black Tie

December is such a wonderful month where you can find x'mas songs playing everywhere. I love x'mas songs that literally brighten up my days. On this x'mas eve, I decided to celebrate at somewhere special, where I can enjoy such wonderful music. 

No Black Tie - one of the renowned Jazz gastro bar in KL. Always wanted to visit them and I was looking forward to the upcoming experience before I walked into the bar. 

Before we are led to our seats, we are required to pay the cover charges upfront, which was RM50 per person for performance on that night. Then there was a waiter that led us to our seats. I was shocked when he showed me a table which I need to share with another couple, and bear in mind, it is a super small table and the space was so so limited and narrow.  I was unsatisfied with the seating arrangement so I told another waitress that I want a table for 2 persons at the upper deck and I have made reservation since last week. 

Then this waitress told me there is a table for 2 persons at upper deck, so we went up and was led to our new seating arrangement by another waitress. And it was even frustrated, a small table with two chairs side by side squeezed at a corner.  Then Mr.X couldn't hold his temper anymore and asked that waitress how she wants us to have our dinner properly with such seating. Finally, after few minutes, the waitress adjusted the table and made the chairs face to face instead of side by side. 

To be frank, both of us were so freaking turn off by such welcome note. NBT staffs should at least inform us on such sharing table basis when we call for reservation. I don't enjoy such 'surprise' at all. 

After settled down, Mr.X ordered a Festive Set Dinner Menu comes with a glass of Cote Mas Cremant de Limoux Brut while I ordered a Main Course with a Virgin Mojito. My Virgin Mojito is super nice, I love it. Finally something to flush away the unpleasant feeling earlier on.

Starter for Mr.X - Pan seared Foie Gras with Apple Compote Toasted Rye Bread & Grapefruit Reduction. Foie gras was too oily and the air conditioner was too strong, the food went cold super quick. Seriously, foie gras don't taste good when is cold. Overall the taste was okay.


My main - Pan seared Duck Breast with Orange Salad & Mix Berries Sauce. This combination is good, despite a little bitterness of the salad. Duck breast was well cook and not difficult to chew.

Tonight's performance by Pure Energy Live feat. Tony Lakatos. Pure Energy Live included Jupiter P (pianist), Gideon Yogan (bass player) and Fatboy Tony (drummer) feat. Tony Lakatos, the saxophonist all the way from Germany.

After I cleared up my plate, Mr.X's second starter is still not serve yet. We have reminded the waiter and waitress for about 3 times before the second starter was serve.

Mr.X's second starter - Pan seared Red Mullet with Seafood Quinoa Sangria Sauce. This tasted better than the first starter. The red mullet is fresh and soft.

Mr.X's main course - Grilled Grass Fed Veal Tenderloin Pan seared foie fras, crispy potato & rosemary mushroom. It was Mr.X first time eating foie gras and he had twice that night, from the starter and main course. The waitress told us the tenderloin is from a 5 to 7 months baby cow. Yeah, very cruel, I know right. =.=" But it was not as juicy as expected, maybe a little overcooked. 

Finally the dessert - Frosted Fruit Cake with Meringue. This tasted like log cake for me. 

They have asked for Santa hats from the audiences before they continue with their performances. Very playful, especially the pianist. 

A short video of the performance together with Juliana & friend.

My x'mas gift from Mr.X. Thank you very much for purposely looking for vintage style wrapper, to match what I prepared for you. Yeah, we love vintage style. :)

X'mas gifts and greeting cards received from loved one, friends and colleagues. The lovely Hello Kitty x'mas card is super awesome with over 30 songs that can be played after press on the black button on the piano. Thanks love! Thank you for your efforts! Love ya! And thank you all my friends and colleagues who prepared x'mas gift for me.

Despite the unpleasant welcome note and slow food serving, the Jazz performance was great. With such price, I expect the food to be better than what I had, it was average only. I will revisit only for the performance, instead for the food. I would say the performance is more value for money, compare with the food.

No Black Tie
17, Jalan Mesui,
Off Jalan Nagasari,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.

Phone: 603 - 2142 3737
Website: http://noblacktie.com.my/



  1. nice outfit and nice food :P


    1. Hi Nick, thanks for your compliment! Hope to see you again in my blog! Happy New Year! :)

  2. hello! wah! long time didnt visit your blog! your blog header photo nice! =D
    looks like you had a great Christmas eve celebration! =D
    Merry Christmas and happy new year! =D

    Top 10 Food Post 2014!!

    1. Hi Henry!!! Thanks for dropping by my blog! :) Yes, I had a great one despite those unpleasant experiences. I guess you too had a joyous celebration huh! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you too! :)


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