The Front Door Cafe

I always love hidden cafes. I love the surprises that welcome me when I walk into that building. To be frank, Petaling Street is somewhere good to have those hidden cafes, such as Aku Café & Gallery, and Coffee Amo, somehow or rather, not so hidden now as people have been spreading and sharing the news.

We are welcomed by an old fashion, read from right to left Traditional Chinese signboard, and it means Grocery Store. What can we find in a grocery store?  

There are wooden tables with steel stool, furnished with black and white paintings.

The help yourself area for water and seasoning.

I love the way they put the utensils. Easy to manage and space saving.

My orange juice and his hot latte.

I have ordered this Crispy Chicken Fruit Salad. The fresh fruits and arugula tossed in balsamic vinaigrette, topped with breaded fried chicken breast. I only found 3 slices of oranges, 2 slices of green apples, and some corns. I expected more fruits actually. The breaded fried chicken breast is yummy, crispy yet juicy. This salad can stimulate your appetite with the balsamic vinaigrette, not too sour thou.

This is what people come for! The Front Door Signature Toasts. There are 10 flavours to choose from. We have ordered (clockwise): 

No.5 - Pesto/Grilled Chicken/Caramelized Orange
No.8 - Pizza Sauce/Mozzarella/Beef Pepperoni/Fresh Basil
No.1 - Honey/Cheddar/Beef Bacon/Strawberry
No.4 - Cream Cheese/Cucumber ribbon/Smoked Salmon/Capers
No.2 - Cream Cheese/Asparagus/Sautéed mushroom/Hard boiled egg

Personally I think no.5 is the best while no.8 is the most common one.

The toasts are selling at RM6 per slice, RM18 for a set of 3 slices, and RM25 for a set of 5 slices. 5 slices are good enough for 2 persons. Our planning was to have a tea time, who knows it became a complete meal. Super full that we have to delayed our dinner.

The corridor toward kitchen and washroom is a good place for photography. Look at the arts on the wall, I can spend like 10 minutes to look at them one by one.

I know how you feel about Petaling Street, but trust me, the moment you step into The Front Door Café, as if you have walk into another district, so much peaceful that you can escape from your busy life for a moment. 

The Front Door Cafe
78, Jalan Sultan,
50000 Kuala Lumpur.

Phone: 6016-638 6213



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