Philippines - My sis's BIG day!

As mentioned in previous post, the next day was my sis's BIG day!! Me & mom were busy doll up while I became a temporary make up artist to help my mom for some make up.
We departed to Shangri-La Plaza after we are done with our make up. I was famish so I picked a restaurant which looks okay and served local Filipino cuisine - Via Mare. And apparently it was a good choice! ;)

Mom's Pork Tocino, served with garlic rice and eggs. This tasted a bit like Malaysia bakkwa, but I found this better and sweeter. You can try this out if you prefer sweeter taste and the meat is not so fat compare to what I ordered. 
Woohoo~~ My Crispy Rinagoongan, which is like our Malaysia roasted pork, served with white rice and fried bitter gourd, pumpkin and four angled beans. I love this very much because the pork was so fragrantly roasted, crispy yet juicy! Thumbs up!!!
If you are to visit Philippines, must try at Vie Mare, they have many branches. They served truly local cuisine and I think they served the best food among all restaurants I tried during my whole trip in Philippines! <3
The long waited moment is finally here!!! My sis's BIG day!! I know you thought is my sis's wedding right? (I hope so but it's not!!!)
Sis in her custom made designer gown! She looked like a bride huh?
Mom in her red dress.
There you go!! My sis's award night which she has promoted to 10A Ruby Controller!!! Congratulations!

Me & mama at our table.

PrinCess of the Night:
Floral deep V long dress, ZARA.
Bracelet, Bowerhaus.
Pearl earrings, Diva.
I love how my hair was style and it costs only 650 pesos!!! It was a quick fix yet so elegant and gorgeous! <3 <3 <3

My supper - Chocolate cake. Lookes like a smiley face, diba? LOL. (diba = isn't it in Philippines)

Mom's roti canai. Hahahaha. We truly missed Malaysia food huh? Surprisingly, it tasted so much better than Malaysia one! This is not oily, and is made of wheat, rather than pure flour only.
It was an amazing night where sis's efforts was finally paid off! I felt so touch too when my sis strutted the red carpet with all her partners and gave her utterly sincere speech. I wish you the best and you will obtain higher achievement in the soonest time!
Love ya! xoxo 


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