Philippines - Caleruega & Tagaytay

After sis' award ceremony, she was super busy with her training and meeting after that, but thanks to her friend's courtesy, me & mom were brought to some interesting tourist places. 

The first destination was Caleruega, where the House of St. Mary Magdalene is located. We were told that this is one of the oldest church in Philippines, as you know there are many Christians and Catholics in Philippines. 

A beautiful Koi pond with natural greenery surrounding. 

Me & mom at the entrance. 

Very warm and welcoming staircase.

Directory board.

Finally we reached the Transfiguration Chapel after so many staircases! Our hard work paid off with awe-inspiring sight! 

"Thy Will Be Done" sculpture became such a beautiful portrait under the blue sky and among the flowery! 

Must go in and pray! I prayed for many things, because this may be my once in a lifetime to visit such holy church! I am greedy maybe, but I hope for the best to people surrounding me! I hope God can hear my prayers! Amen! Hehe... 

Me & mama. 

After the visit to Caleruega, we headed down to Tagaytay. Along the way, we stopped by Bag of Beans for our lunch. Sis's friend told us that this is a MUST eat restaurant if you visit to Tagaytay.   

The entrance of the retail shop but also link to the restaurant.

My super sweet mango juice! Or should I say is a smoothie? LOL. Unlike Malaysia that blend a bit of mangoes with lots of water, Philippines serves really good mango juice! Thumbs up! 

I ordered a Mushroom Clear Soup. Love how big were the mushroom slices but this soup was way too salty! :( 

My Rosti Farmer - crispy bacons, chicken sausages, sunny-side-up, and three slices of cheeses on top of the rosti. I couldn't even finish half of it! I felt too oily and stuffy. :( Still couldn't really get used to Filipino's taste. =.=

The main entrance of the restaurant. I told my mom that this photo is to prove that I really been here. LOL. sampat me. 

This restaurant is very big, there are few areas. Now the whole restaurant is decorated with Christmas decorations, very happening and I love Christmas! 

After the stuffy lunch, we moved our fatty bum bum to SkyRanch, a mini theme park at Tagaytay. 

The Ferris Wheel!

With Arthlin and Charlene. Mom and Charlene's grandma not dare to ride on this Ferris Wheel, so they waited for us down there.

We were agreed to make funny faces but Arthlin didn't get us and still gave her best smile. 

So I told her we must do funny faces la! But I told Charlene secretly that we will just give our best smiles and let Arthlin making funny face alone! LOL. 

Behind me is the Taal Volcano Island in the middle of the lake. I think I look prety good in this photo. Haha. 

Typical tourists must take photo! :p

Enjoyed my Starbucks Tazo Peach tea with such magnificent scenery!! Best feeling ever! 

After a long day, we requested sis's friend to dropped us at Market Market for some local delicacies shopping and we bid goodbye to them. Really appreciated their time for bringing us around, at least managed to visit some tourist destinations, despite my sis's busy schedule.

One thing great about Philippines is that, there are hellalots of shopping malls!! Goodness! From Market Market, we walked to SM Aura, a quite new shopping mall.

See, I told you, everywhere is filled with Christmas decorations! So nice huh!

Spotted Sanrio boutique with Pynkiss apparel inside! Too expensive and I couldn't afford.. :'( 

After shopped for about 2 hours, sis came and meet us up for dinner. Mom is tired of those Western style (according to her, those Philippines food are Western style, LOL), so sis brought us to Chinese restaurant.

Love how this pork bellies are served. 

Look how big and how many water chestnuts are fried together with celery?! Malaysia style usually cut the water chestnuts into half. This is like, too generous? LOL

Very crispy Sweet & Sour pork, this is very delicious. 

Mom's fried yee mee. I don't really fancy yee mee so yeah, the only comment I have is that, the portion is freaking scary. =.=

It was truly a fruitful day! Felt so contented over these few days, and it's time to go back to Malaysia. I guess I will visit Philippines again! :) 

Ciao, Philippines! xoxo 


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