Calavera @ Jalan Mesui

The rise of cafes and restaurants in Kuala Lumpur have indeed created many opportunities for food lovers like me to explore and adventure. LOL. Is really adventurous because you wouldn't know how the food is going to taste like.
If you realize, people tend to visit a café or restaurant not only for their food, but also because of the concept and the interior design. This is one of the reason why I wanted to go to Calavera.
The main attraction of this café & bistro is definitely the colourful mural painting, accompanied by a car boot that feature a DJ deck. According to the waitress, there will be live DJ performance on every Friday and Saturday night.
Calavera means skull in Spanish. Hence, you will be welcome with many skull pictures framed on the wall.

You can find skull everywhere.
There is a beautiful area with two walls of plants in pots, and also a hanging bench sofa. This area feels like a garden and the whole impression of skull has been soften down when walk into here.

They didn't forget to include the skull element in their menu too.

My orange juice. The orange skull is actually a pepper container. So colourful huh.

His hot Latte. I am cutting down my caffeine intake, hence no coffee or tea for me. Don't get to try. :(
My scramble eggs with sour cream and rocket leaves on top of beef bacon jam on sour dough toast. The toast was a bit over toasted and became very difficult to cut . Ended up I left the bread crust and only eat the crumb.

His poached egg on potato rosti, beef bacons and avocado. I hate avocado but I love the potato rosti. :)
Calavera has variety of beers and wines. They also serves BBQ fish, prawn, squids, etc after 6pm. To be frank, the breakfast is average. But I guess the night life will be more interesting here. Will try to visit them on Friday or Saturday night.
13, Jalan Mesui
Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 03-2110 5303



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