Philippines - Say Hi to Super Salty Food

Since sis lives in Manila for about 2 years, this is our first time visited her there. Boarded Cebu Pacific Airlines and landed safely at 4.55am. Me and my mom did not see my sis's presence and by all mean, I know that she must be overslept. =.=" I was famished and decided to go for a breakfast while waiting for her to pick us up. 

The first meal in Philippines was taken at LeBistro. I have this habit, which is to order my drink and ask for less sugar. Luckily I did, the hot chocolate appeared to be still sweet.  Then I started off with the not-so-good-looking-sunny-side-up egg yolk, and I was waken up by the saltiness. OMG. I can feel a pinch of salt, yes, a pinch of salt sprinkled on the egg yolk. Tell me how many pinches of salt was used on the whole egg then? =.=" 

Finally sis came and picked us up at about 7am. The massive traffic jam shocked me. Three lanes became 5? or squeeze wherever you can. The sound of car honk can be heard everywhere. The space between each car is like 15cm? okay fine, maybe measure of a long ruler. Scary. Stop complain about KL's traffic, people. You haven't see the worse.

Reached sis's house, three of us slammed on a queen size bed and dreamed to our lah lah land. 

Getting ready to explore the city. No worries, no one care whether I am on my red lips coz' most of the Filipinos are putting on red lipsticks. It is normal here, red lips does not belong to night time only. 

Sis brought us to Greenhills for our lunch while collect her shoes and bag. We went to this local restaurant - Reyes Barbecue.

Sis ordered Chicken Barbecue on the Bone, served with garlic fried rice and pickled vegetables. 

Mom ordered Bangus Belly Barbecue, served with garlic fried rice and pickled vegetables.

According to sis, this is some potatoes'/sweet potatoes' leaves, cooked in creamy style with dried pork. 

Of course I ordered my favorite Pork Barbecue, served with garlic fried rice and pickled vegetables too. 

The famous Philippine dessert - Halo Halo. Similar to Malaysia's ABC, besides Filipino put in caramelized banana and some fruits. This is way too sweet for me. 

Friday is a terrible traffic day. Everywhere you can see jam.

While waiting for taxi, we enjoyed some milk tea. 

After sis took her shoes and bag, we depart to another place to collect her gown for next day's event. It was such a long journey that took us more than 4 hours to done. The designer was suck. The design was good to see, but the sewing was not done skilfully. My sis paid so much for the dress and was disappointed with such outcomes that she has to asked the designer to alter for about 4 times. 

By the time they done and we reached SM Megamall, it was about 9pm already. Sis said the shopping malls close at 10pm on Friday and Saturday, whereas close at 9pm on Sunday to Thursday. 


 Mom, me & sis. I was famished. =.="

Our dinner at Lugang Cafe. All dishes were yummylicious. 

p/s: no captions needed I guess. Self explanatory. So I eat first, and you enjoy the sight of the food. :p






Very huge shopping mall, classy with many well known brands. 

Very Christmas feel! Everywhere has been decorated with Christmas tress and ornaments. I like Christmas! :)

First day was spent for my sis and her event's preparation. Next day is going to be her big day! Can't wait! :) 


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