The Grumpy Cyclist @ TTDI

I guess the only one benefit of working near Petaling Jaya is that, we can easily access to many different cafes. I wouldn't purposely drive all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Petaling Jaya on a weekend for the cafes, unless I have dates with BFF, which I can make exceptions. Haha.
Visited The Grumpy Cyclist after work.

Container inside the café which stores all the tools related to cycling.
Love the simplicity of the café.

I don't understand. Someone enlighten me please.
My 5 Ounce Flat White and his Grand Wedding. I don't know why his drink sounds so girly. LOL.

His Arrabbiata Cyclismo - Herbed, Pasta with Spicy Tomato Salsa.

My Pasta Di Bici - Pasta in Garlic & Chili, with Bacon & Chicken. In fact, I add on the beef bacon. :p
The most awesome Hazelnut Nutella Cake!!! Love it so much for its taste and its size! Just nice for after meal! Thumbs up and recommended!
Personally I think that their food are awesome, definitely not a café that only sells concept, but also to satisfy customers' taste buds. Will surely revisit here for the day menu!
The Grumpy Cyclist
36, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
60000 KL. 
Phone: 03-7731 1400



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