Doors Cafe with Baby Alyssa

 Was supposed to meet Pey, Xiao Xiao & Sara on 1pm at vegan restaurant but I was late and reached around 2pm. The kitchen was closed so I couldn't order food anymore. The waiter don't even wanna open the door for me to enter. =.="
Anyway, I was happy when I saw Sara brought her baby girl along. So I said hi to baby Alyssa and smiled at her. She responded by smiling back to me as well! I was overwhelmed because the mama said Alyssa don't usually smile at people! ^.^
Adorable and chubby Alyssa!!! She busied playing with my chiffon sleeves and also grabbing my handbag. Haha.
After they finished their food, we were basically chased out from the restaurant. LOL. No lah, they were closing to prepare for night session. Hence, we went to Doors Café at OUG to continue our chit chat session. 
This café stand out among the row of shops due to its signage and overall design of the entrance.

Menu on the blackboard.

Guessed whose butt is that! Hehe...

The coffee bar cum cashier.

This is literally the most suitable seat for 等一个人的咖啡. LOL. Anyway, we think that this seat is a bit pitiful, to drink coffee facing a pole there.  

Xiao Xiao's Sinfully Hot Chocolate and Sara's Hot Green Tea.

My Hot Flat White.

Pey's Affogato, which she was wondering how to drink. LOL.

My Petit Choux in 3 flavors, Vanilla Red Velvet & Chocolate. The Red Velvet tasted so weird. The other 2 were good.
The silly chubby Alyssa can't stop looking at me. See how her head tilted in the car. Soooooo cuteee!!!!
Mama Sara said she never see Alyssa keep smiling at someone, so she guess her baby Alyssa really likes me a lot. I was thrilled by this and looking forward to see her again. I wanna buy some pretty clothes for Alyssa so that she can wear when we go out next time. She already able to fit in the 6 months old dress that I got her during her full moon party. So I guess is time to buy her 1 year old clothes, my cute little Michelin! haha!

Looking forward to our next catch up!! Hopefully soon! ;)



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