Caffeinated Cabin

Sunday without need to on duty is perfect for a catch up with my girlfriend. Heard Sugar Freda said that Caffeinated Cabin serves great food, so me & Baobei Liyin decided to try it out. It was really difficult to locate the café as it was hidden next to a hair studio. Luckily I did some online research before I went and understood that it is located next to Chezz hair saloon. Parking wise, we were parking at roadside, which I was a bit worried that I might be summon from the authority.  =.=
The blackboard signage.

Bar style at the big window. I can't stand the sunlight so I gave up this seat. Haha.
Very limited space with narrow walkway.

Not much of desserts, mainly are tarts which are not too attractive for me.
They serve Danish, croissant and other breads, which doesn't really attract me as well.
On top: Liyin's Vegetarian Scrambled Eggs without Ham with thick Potato Wedges and Cappucino.
Below: My Smoked Duck Open Sandwich with thick Potato Wedges and Flat White.
Seriously the food taste so much better than I thought, despite all the hassles that I have to went through before being able to dine in.
After our food and chit chat session, we started a round of photo shooting since it was empty at that time.
Liyin is a good poser while I am a good photographer who managed to make her slim and tall. Hehe.

I am not such a good poser compare to Liyin. I am camera shy. LOL. :p Just kidding.
The food at Caffeinated Cabin is nice and worth to try out. But please be really cautious when look out for them as it is well hidden plus the road construction work that make it even more difficult to be seen.

The crowd was lesser at about 4pm during weekends. 1.30pm was quite a peak hour and you might have difficulties getting a table. Heard Freda said that visit Caffeinated Cabin during weekdays are the best. Too bad I need to work and they close at 7pm daily. So I guess I can only visit them on weekend only. Will revisit them if I am around that area. ;)   



  1. Would be useful for your readers if you included the address of this cafe. A website/ FB page would also be good.


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