A Messy Meal: Embracing Wabi-Sabi @ Fancy Breakfast Club

It was a beautiful Sunday as expected (I am not weather forecaster but I just knew it, LOL) and I was looking forward to try out Weekend Brunch at Fancy Breakfast Club. I happened to saw this dining place when I was browsing for some brunch ideas. Tried to make reservation for Weekday Brunch with my sis who came back from Philippines on a public holiday but they are closed. Luckily my second attempt to make a reservation was successful. Hooray! ;)

The Weekend Brunch is something like a Semi-Buffet, which I get to choose one main course and dessert, plus free roam of buffet spread. The charges is RM75 per pax, which I have to pay in advance to secure my 2 seats. I happily did the transaction to avoid disappointment again.

I went there with Google Maps and managed to find the place easily. But do look out for the house number as they do not have signage. The moment I stepped in the house, I was amazed with the decorations.

The interior is very warm and cosy. A totally different world from outside.

There was three long tables, each table can fit about 10 people. I feel like those matchmaking luncheon. LOL.

Seats are being assigned accordingly. Just look out for your name on the plate.

I was sitting comfortably like own house. Next to me was empty, I was happy that I could put my things, on the same time, have more personal space.

The buffet area.

Let's see what they have.

Assorted fruits and guess what is that paddle-pop-thingy? At first I thought is those satay, and I finally asked the staff what is these. To my surprise, these are French Toast! Such interesting way to present the French Toast.

Salad with eggs that covered with spicy sauce. I like the eggs only coz' I do not eat raw vegetables.

I love this one too coz' it has my favourite sausage and four-angled beans!!

Crackers with two different types of cheese and three different sauces. I really can't stand the Blue Cheese by eating it alone, but it was still acceptable but not favourable when eat with crackers. This is purely personal preference coz' I have never been a cheese person.  

Pulut hitam with coconut milk which I dare not try due to my acid reflux history.

Two types of beverages, which are coconut in jug with coconut flesh; and air syrup in jar.  

I enjoyed my French Toast with the sweet banana sauce. The Pulut Hitam Cheese tart on my plate was another awesome dish! Love it!

My choice of main course - Crab Omelet. Two eggs spiced omelette stuffed with bits of crab, topped with yogurt and a bunch of smelly vege coriander. There is a strong taste of curry powder. Besides that, I think this is a bit too plain for me.
His choice - Ham and Pegaga Merah. Silvers of smoked chicken ham, chilli jam, a poached egg and pegaga merah in a toasted bun. It's name on menu don't really attract me but this is a pleasant dish compare to mine. Fortunately I suggested both of us to order different dishes so that we get to try both. This is good.

The most awaiting moment - DESSERT time!!! This is called Pulut Tai Tai. Firstly, put a pulut tekan (flat sticky rice) on the banana leaf, then put the Lavender flavoured ice-cream by The Last Polka on top. Spread the homemade kaya at the side, pour the coconut coulis and chewy meringue, add a sprinkle of gold dust (which is meaningless, for photo purpose only), and lastly, a light dusting of violet sugar on top. This is consider one of the most creative yet yummylicious dessert that I have ever had. Forget about those mainstream crème brulee, chocolate brownie, and macaroons. A thumb up on this!    

I had a very pleasant dining experience at Fancy Breakfast Club. Thank you the team - Basira, Aida and husband, and Faris! I love the concept, the decorations, the food, and of course, all of you friendly people. I am looking forward to your November's theme and menu already! :)

Keep up the good work and I shall see you again soon!

PrinCess of the Day:

Floral dress, Nichii.
Nude covered heels, Vincci.
Hello Kitty bag, Samantha Vega by Samantha Thavasa.

Fancy Breakfast Club
149, Jalan Limau Manis,
Bangsar, KL.



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