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A Messy Meal: Embracing Wabi-Sabi @ Fancy Breakfast Club

  It was a beautiful Sunday as expected (I am not weather forecaster but I just knew it, LOL) and I was looking forward to try out Weekend Brunch at Fancy Breakfast Club. I happened to saw this dining place when I was browsing for some brunch ideas. Tried to make reservation for Weekday Brunch with my sis who came back from Philippines on a public holiday but they are closed. Luckily my second attempt to make a reservation was successful. Hooray! ;) The Weekend Brunch is something like a Semi-Buffet, which I get to choose one main course and dessert, plus free roam of buffet spread. The charges is RM75 per pax, which I have to pay in advance to secure my 2 seats. I happily did the transaction to avoid disappointment again. I went there with Google Maps and managed to find the place easily. But do look out for the house number as they do not have signage. The moment I stepped in the house, I was amazed with the decorations. #1 The interior is very warm and cosy. A

Frisky Goat Bakery Cafe @ TTDI

Heard about Frisky Goat early this year but never have the chance to try out yet. Last Friday while figuring what to have for dinner, I recalled Frisky Goat and suggested to have a dinner there.   I was attracted by the entrance and also when I saw the interior through the windows, I can't wait to go in and grab my seat. The lovely Halloween decorations really caught my eyes, I know, I am like a little girl. :p   #1 His Hot Latte . According to the waiter, this latte art is done in conjunction with Deepavali. I shall go on 1st November and ask for a Hello Kitty art in conjunction with Hello Kitty's birthday. LOL. #2 My TWG Jasmine Queen . Yes, they do served TWG tea, with about 9 selections in total. I was offer by the waiter to smell all the tea leaves in order to choose the flavor. Doesn't really love the fruity tea so I go for the most non-excited Jasmine Queen. =.= #3  My Creamy Mushroom Soup - a mixed mushrooms veloute with truffle oil, ser

Fat Spoon @ Damansara Uptown

 Not using very striking signboard, Fat Spoon sits quietly among the shops in Uptown, PJ. If you walk pass, then you will find the entrance very eye catching with antique feel setting. That's how I got myself into Fat Spoon for my dinner, after work. #1 Waiting area with a table top right after you open the door. #2  The dining tables set up. #3 The coffee bar with dessert. #4 I ordered this Hot Lemongrass & Pandan for both of us. This tasted like those Thai lemongrass drink. Recommended drink if you are looking for hot one and you don't like caffeine drinks. #5 Ulam Fried Rice . The fried chicken is crispy yet juicy. I love the chilli very much because this is like those very traditional Malay style belacan, very fragrant and spicy. The overall taste was very pleasant. #6  Our dessert - Cempedak Spring Rolls with Ice Cream . Surprisingly, the cempedak spring rolls taste so yummylicious! I guess I will never wanna eat

The Grumpy Cyclist @ TTDI

I guess the only one benefit of working near Petaling Jaya is that, we can easily access to many different cafes. I wouldn't purposely drive all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Petaling Jaya on a weekend for the cafes, unless I have dates with BFF, which I can make exceptions. Haha.   #1 Visited The Grumpy Cyclist after work. #2 Container inside the café which stores all the tools related to cycling.   #3 Love the simplicity of the café. #4 I don't understand. Someone enlighten me please.   #5 My 5 Ounce Flat White and his Grand Wedding . I don't know why his drink sounds so girly. LOL. #6 His Arrabbiata Cyclismo - Herbed, Pasta with Spicy Tomato Salsa. #7 My Pasta Di Bici - Pasta in Garlic & Chili, with Bacon & Chicken. In fact, I add on the beef bacon. :p   #8 The most awesome Hazelnut Nutella Cake!!! Love it so much for its taste and its size! Just nice for after meal! Thumbs up and recommended!