Three Little Birds Coffee & Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival

Due to National Day falls on a Sunday, we were given a replacement off on Monday. Hallelujah! :) I woke up at about 10, 11am and had a chit chat with mom. Then we went for a family brunch at Yong Tau Fu there before mom headed back to Muar. 

After the brunch, me & Mr. X went to Three Little Birds Coffee at D7, Sentul. Finally can go there  as we seldom go Sentul and didn't really make the effort to purposely visit there. So we took this off day opportunity to go there since we have nothing else to do before going to the KL Vintage Festival. 

The seating outside the cafe. 

Very natural breeze area and I sort of like it this way. 

The order counter plus seating area.

Interesting flavor of ice cream! We tried the Teh Tarik flavor and is great!

His Hot Flat White. He has to add some sugar in because is too bitter for him. 

My Hot Red Latte, which tasted like teh tarik with less sugar. Not really my cup of tea thou.


The lemon cake with macadamia nuts. I will rate the cake higher than the beverages. Not too sweet and the the texture is just nice. Recommended! 

Actually I like the atmosphere in D7 Sentul. It seemed like I have walked into somewhere far from the city. Very quiet and peaceful. No need to rush for your work, struggling for more money. Once in a while, is great to escape from the reality, for just a cup of coffee of time. 

After stuffed, LOL, we were way too full, we went to Dataran Merdeka for the last day of Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival (KLVF).

At the entrance here with the huge alphabetical light box. 

Vintage cars were displayed at the side for people to take photos.

I was looking forward to explore more and hope to find something interesting there. However, I was somehow disappointed because I think many people don't understand the meaning of vintage. I saw many booths selling those dirty, used and torn shoes, which all looked like second hand garages to me more. To me, vintage is something from the 60s, 70s, or older. They can definitely add value into your collections.A brand new Adidas cap from 60s is totally different from a used Adidas cap from 90s. Vintage is like we go back to old times. We appreciate what our grandparents used to have in their times.   

I wish I can see a different vintage festival next year.

PrinCess of the Day:

Polka dots black cropped top, H&M.
Overall denim, H&M.
Nude color flats, Charles & Keith.
Vintage bag, Louis Vuitton Japan.
Straw hat, Modestarr. 

Did I tell you all before I hate to drink soft drinks? Yeah, and we bought this Coca Cola just because its bottle. Eventually I only had 1/3 of the coke. The rest was finished by Mr. X. I want to make him bloated!!! LOL. So that he can own a cute belly that I always adore. Hehehe. :p



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