The Soda Factory

The party crusher has suggested to have brunch at The Soda Factory located at Taman Desa. Thank God is near to Midvalley because again, we need to rush for our movie. (Pek cek, when can I stop rush here and there because of you lazy pig! >_<) It was a rainy day and finding parking might be a hassle there but luckily us me got a nice parking near The Soda Factory. 

It was a small retail with limited seats. We were glad to have one small table for two in indoor, else we will need to sit at outdoor which was raining at that moment.

I love the vintage picture used for the menu.

You can get The Potong - Artisan Pops here! There will be those signature regular pops and also limited pops. Gonna try one later!

The coffer bar cum cashier is very modern clean cut design. Wooden block with black marble surface. Few signature cakes were displayed there in nice tray. No more fridge to showcase cakes. 

His Apple Pie Float, which is the apple flavor soda with vanilla ice cream. Quite a good combination, lovely. 

He said my white knit blouse match perfectly with the float. =.=" Thanks anyway.

My Belafonte Waffles - waffles with Nutella chocolate, fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream. I don't really fancy the sour bit of the waffle, so i guess sourdough waffle don't really suits me. Waffle with a cup of Hot English Breakfast Tea, my wonderful brunch (except the sourness).

Pepperoni Pizza with capcium, beef pepperoni and cheese. I would say that the pizza crust is too hard and difficult, or to say, even not possible to cut. I have to bite it instead of cut it with fork and knife. But overall the taste is nice, just need to improvise a bit on the pizza crust, that's all.  

PrinCess of the Day:

White knit blouse, H&M.
Boyfriend denim, H&M.
Heels, Charles & Keith.
Sling bag, Braun Buffel

Enjoying my Limited Pop - Mango Pomelo flavor. Love it!   

My naughty face when someone wanna take away my Limited Pop! Somehow sharing is not caring anymore. LOL. 

The Soda Factory is a lovely place for some light meal and of course, some dessert pampering session. I will revisit them for their cake. :) 



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