Showcase Cafe - The Men's Dream Place

Okay, my blog post title sounds a bit 'A' huh? No la, why is the men's dream place? You will know when you see the photos below. 

I happened to found this cafe in the website and decided to visit here and gave Mr. X a surprise.

Wooden chairs and tables. 

And the surprises is are:~~~~~~

All the figures included Iron Men, Michael Jordan, Batman, etc.



Okay, do not ask me what figures they have there as I really cannot recognize all. You might send your enquiries in and I will ask Mr. X to answer all your questions. LOL. p/s: he is an expert in this!

Huge figure which costs RM2k ++!!! When can i have a huge Hello Kitty as big as this??!!


Thou the main attraction is all the figures, but a cafe should remain a cafe that serves good food despite the concept.

His Green Apple Lychee. Sounds complicated but the combination is actually very nice.  

My hot Caffe Latte, the famous Illy coffee. Needless to say, never fail to satisfy my latte addict.

My Old School Pancake with honey syrup, you can also add ice cream with extra RM5. The pancake is super fluffy! Very much recommended!!! Must try!!

His Mac 'n' Cheese. A baked macaroni covered with cheese and sauce. Very cheesy yet not greasy. Thumb up too! :) 

I hereby would like to confirm that, Showcase Cafe serves delicious food that feed your mouth, and amazing figures collections that feed your eyes too!!! I will definitely revisit Showcase!   



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