LOKL & Michelle's wedding on Malaysia 57th birthday!

August 31st is Malaysia National day and this year marks 57th years of independence. I love being where I am despite the fact that I am not that patriotic anyway. One of the reason that I love Malaysia is because of food. Yes, we, the Malaysians are so spoiled with many many choices. From those traditional style, to those fusion one, name it and you can find in Malaysia. 

On this special day, I spent my brunch at LOKL, a cafe where best brings the meaning of being a Malaysian. LOKL actually means LOKAL, but took out the A, and it became LOKL. However, it still pronounces as local. 

My Hot Latte and His Hot Cappucino.

His Buttermilk Chicken with Waffle. It tasted like KFC fried chicken to me but best when you dip with the sauce. The sauce tasted like mushroom sauce yet added some sweetness inside. While the waffle is not that great, compare to so many waffles that I have tried before. By the way, this dish only serves over the weekend and not available during weekdays. 

My Crepe & Beef  Bacon. The crepe was done so soft and and match so well with the butter and honey, when you eat with the beef bacon, you can have different type of sensation of sweet meets saltiness. Personally I think this is way better than his order. :p 

Besides being a national's day, August 31st 2014 was also a special day for Michelle & Eugene because finally they ended their 10 years of dating and moved to next stage of their life - marriage! I was glad to be one of the bridesmaid, thou I can't make it for the morning session, but I have made it for the dinner session instead.   

The photo prop for guest to take a photo here. 

With Grace, another bridesmaid, also the member of 四千金 during our secondary school time, which including me, Grace, Sharon & Michelle. I am happy that Sharon and Michelle have moved toward another stage of life. Grace, lets gambate! LOL. 

With Edison, secondary school mate too. Told him I don't like to smile wide so we have such shot. 

The bridesmaids! Thank you Michelle for the gorgeous dresses! We all looked super elegant and pretty that night!!!

The grooms men and bridesmaids!!! This is such a perfect photo! Like it very much!

A portrait with all guests left their thumb prints there as blessings for the pair of newly wed couples! Can't express how much I love the dress match with the flower on my hand, and I think all the bridesmaids look extremely gorgeous on that night!  

Here you go! The enchanted bride - Michelle and the handsome bridegroom - Eugene! Wish both of you live happily ever after! Happy marriage!!! Wong Eugene, please double triple confirm that you will take care my Michelle forever and give her the best you could! Else, the 四千金 will definitely come after you! Michelle, must be happiness ya! xoxo! 



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