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Three Little Birds Coffee & Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival

Due to National Day falls on a Sunday, we were given a replacement off on Monday. Hallelujah! :) I woke up at about 10, 11am and had a chit chat with mom. Then we went for a family brunch at Yong Tau Fu there before mom headed back to Muar.  After the brunch, me & Mr. X went to Three Little Birds Coffee at D7, Sentul. Finally can go there  as we seldom go Sentul and didn't really make the effort to purposely visit there. So we took this off day opportunity to go there since we have nothing else to do before going to the KL Vintage Festival.  #1 The seating outside the cafe.  #2 Very natural breeze area and I sort of like it this way.  #3 The order counter plus seating area. #4 Interesting flavor of ice cream! We tried the Teh Tarik flavor and is great! #5 His Hot Flat White . He has to add some sugar in because is too bitter for him.  #6 My Hot   Red Latte , which tasted like teh tarik with less sugar. Not really my cup of tea tho

LOKL & Michelle's wedding on Malaysia 57th birthday!

August 31st is Malaysia National day and this year marks 57th years of independence. I love being where I am despite the fact that I am not that patriotic anyway. One of the reason that I love Malaysia is because of food. Yes, we, the Malaysians are so spoiled with many many choices. From those traditional style, to those fusion one, name it and you can find in Malaysia.  On this special day, I spent my brunch at LOKL, a cafe where best brings the meaning of being a Malaysian. LOKL actually means LOKAL, but took out the A, and it became LOKL. However, it still pronounces as local.  #1 My Hot Latte and His Hot Cappucino . #2 His Buttermilk Chicken with Waffle . It tasted like KFC fried chicken to me but best when you dip with the sauce. The sauce tasted like mushroom sauce yet added some sweetness inside. While the waffle is not that great, compare to so many waffles that I have tried before. By the way, this dish only serves over the weekend and not available durin

Showcase Cafe - The Men's Dream Place

Okay, my blog post title sounds a bit 'A' huh? No la, why is the men's dream place? You will know when you see the photos below.  I happened to found this cafe in the website and decided to visit here and gave Mr. X a surprise. #1 Wooden chairs and tables.  And the surprises  is are:~~~~~~ #2 All the figures included Iron Men, Michael Jordan, Batman, etc. #3 #4 #5 Okay, do not ask me what figures they have there as I really cannot recognize all. You might send your enquiries in and I will ask Mr. X to answer all your questions. LOL. p/s: he is an expert in this! #6 Huge figure which costs RM2k ++!!! When can i have a huge Hello Kitty as big as this??!! #7 Thou the main attraction is all the figures, but a cafe should remain a cafe that serves good food despite the concept. #8 His Green Apple Lychee . Sounds complicated but the combination is actually very nice.   #9 My hot Caffe Latte , the famous Ill

The Soda Factory

The party crusher has suggested to have brunch at The Soda Factory located at Taman Desa. Thank God is near to Midvalley because again, we need to rush for our movie. (Pek cek, when can I stop rush here and there because of you lazy pig! >_<) It was a rainy day and finding parking might be a hassle there but luckily us me got a nice parking near The Soda Factory.  It was a small retail with limited seats. We were glad to have one small table for two in indoor, else we will need to sit at outdoor which was raining at that moment. #1 I love the vintage picture used for the menu. #2 You can get The Potong - Artisan Pops here! There will be those signature regular pops and also limited pops. Gonna try one later! #3 The coffer bar cum cashier is very modern clean cut design. Wooden block with black marble surface. Few signature cakes were displayed there in nice tray. No more fridge to showcase cakes.  #4 His Apple Pie Float , which is the apple fla