Floating Cloud Chocolate at Fuel

Well, inevitably, Monday will always blue. Trust me, never miss, no matter how good mood you were before you enter the company, somebody will just come and ruin your day. I mean, many somebody/ies.

However, there will always be another somebody that will cheer up your day too! Is like the rainbow after rains, this somebody will appear and show you many loves. :D

Yes, bring me for FOOD will definitely cheer me up! Hahaha!

His Caramel Milk with 3D art on it! A sinking bear but this tasted very good!! 

My Floating Cloud Chocolate, which is basically hot chocolate drink topped with whipped cream and marshmallows! I don't really love cream but I got no choice but to mixed up the whole creamy thing into my chocolate drinks so that I get to drink the chocolate. 

The poor OL (Office Lady) who has been stressed out in the office manage to pulled a smile after looking at the Floating  Cloud Chocolate. 

My Spicy Sichuan Noodle. Don't scare because of its color. The spiciness is good to handle, for me. 

The noodle is very springy.

This time we tried another flavor, which was the Celery with Pork dumplings. Not bad, but the previous one better. Today the saucer is heart shape one!!! So matched our mood! :)

His Osaka Tempura Chicken Chop, very crispy yet juicy!!! I love this so much, despite the fact that chicken is not my thing. 

Thanks for the good food that cheered our day! Happy Monthsary! 



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