Feeka & Lima Blas - A day spent in Jalan Mesui

Saturday's plan always don't go accordingly because the party crusher (you know who you are) who just can't wake up early. =.=" Due to time constraint and we need to rush to our movie, we revisit Feeka again.

His Feeka's Big Breakfast with Caffe Latte. My Oats Porridge Galore with Flat White. I certainly do not appreciate the oat porridge coz' I do not like raisins!! :( Ended up I had his while he had mine. 

I need some slimming injection to my face. How come I do not have sharp nose and chin??! *self examining in front of mirror* fml

PrinCess of the Day:

Green knit blouse with Meow face, Olio Folio.
Boyfriend denim, H&M.
Belt, Massimo Dutti.
Flats, Charles & Keith.
Sling bag, Braun Buffel

After the movie 'Break Up 100', which was very depressing. I mean, is really worth watching with your another half, IF both of you can, you know, understand the message that this movie is trying to bring to you. It is good that if both of you can start talk about the problem between almost every single couples, face the problems, and solve it. And no, I did not quarrel with Mr.X after the movie, but somehow we were silent for a while. Like, really silent. LOL. Told you is depressing movie! Ish! >_<

For the dinner, hooray! Finally we are here for the Nyonya cuisine! In fact, this is located at the same row with Feeka. 

Walked into my grandparents' times.

Very old fashioned interior design which is very attractive, to me. 

Blackboard with menu written on it. 

My Ginger Delight (Nyonya Ale). I asked for a warm one, and I would say this drink tasted quite interesting. 

His Teh Ice. Yeah, good, the normal iced tea but was made very traditionally. Like those old time tea. 

Telur Cincaluk. Fried eggs with onions, small prawns and spring onions, which is a little bit too salty but still fine eating with white rice.

Kangkung Goreng Sambal Belacan, my all time favorite.

Nyonya Curry Chicken. Personally I don't fancy chicken, but this savoury is perfect with their fragrant steamed rice. Recommended!

 Lima Blas is recommended for family dinner so that you all can order more and finish up the dishes. The portion is really big which we have problem finish the three dishes. Do visit them for some modernized Nyonya food and enjoy the back to 60's for few hours.



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