Coffee Amo - the 3D Coffee Art

It was so good to have a long weekend whereby Monday and Tuesday were Raya holiday for us. Slept and cuddle in bed until 2pm in the afternoon is such a happiness! Since it was a Monday, many cafes actually rest and closed. Luckily there was still Coffee Amo that operates on a Raya Monday. 

I was attracted by the staircase with many vintage posters and stickers of roads and shops. 

Climbed to level 1 and you will see the entrance of Coffee Amo, after you passed by a valley of old vintage stuffs, which you almost thought you went to the wrong place. LOL. 

A list of specialty coffee which I don't know how to admire. 

All tables are occupied and we have to take the high table with high stools. Luckily it was comfortable enough.  

Here comes the highlight of Coffee Amo!!! I know, I am very excited to reveal too!!! Are you ready?? 




Walao yeh!!!!! Super cute ah!!! Hello Kitty (ies) with my name and a heart shape!!!   Thank you Mr. X for this special order!! Basically the barista will give random 3D art, this was made upon request. So mine was Ocean 11, which is a Tangerine flavored coffee. Very special fragrance and Mr. X like it very much. I found it a bit too sweet for me. Caffe Latte, also mine. LOL. Was good to drink even without sugar. 

I took a hard time to finally finished my Ocean 11. Exactly like its name, every sip that I took, my Hello Kitty (ies) experienced Tsunami in Ocean and sink. 

Both of us ordered sandwiches. Didn't expect a heart shape, I mean a broken heart shape sandwich. 

Mine was the Chilli Chicken Sandwich, which taste a bit too plain, no chilli taste at all. A little bit below my expectation. 

His Beef Patrami Sandwich, tasted better than mine. 

I regret that both of  us ordered sandwiches together. We should order one sandwich and one dessert. Apparently we were too full and couldn't try out their dessert. Mr. X la, I ordered sandwich, he also wanna order sandwich !!

PrinCess of the Day:

Floral jumpsuit, H&M.
Khakis sleeveless jacket, Olio Folio.
LOVE bangle, Olio Folio.

A series of silly me. Thanks to Mr. X for created such atmosphere for me till I have to showed him my erhem....middle fingers. =.="

My New balance 580! Finally found my size, thou is one size bigger but at least not too big!! Which one nicer? I think mine nicer! Mr. X kept saying that his blueish one nicer! Which one you prefer? 

Thanks for the crazy day! By the time you finish reading this, I know I will soon kena screw by Mr. X because of the comment after #8. LOL. I better run! kthxbai~ 



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