Boat Noodle - What so special about it?

I have been seeing many people checked in Boat Noodle and some websites even featured Boat Noodle as a Must-Visit restaurant in KL. Out of curiosity, (yeah, somehow curiosity kills a cat), I went there, waited for 30 minutes to get my seats.

Many 'cats' are here waiting for seats.

So many bowls... I pity the dish cleaner.. :(

Apparently beverage has more choice than food.

As first timer, we ordered each from the menu. Dry Beef Glass Noodle & Chicken Glass noodle, Soup Beef Glass Noodle & Chicken Glass noodle.

The final result - Each of us had 10 bowls, which equal to 20 mouths.

To be frank, the taste is just so so, somehow or rather, it is just over rated. I think it is the concept that make it so unique and famous. But no harm trying for once, at least you know how many mouths are enough to stuff your stomach.



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