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Floating Cloud Chocolate at Fuel

Well, inevitably, Monday will always blue. Trust me, never miss, no matter how good mood you were before you enter the company, somebody will just come and ruin your day. I mean, many somebody/ies. However, there will always be another somebody that will cheer up your day too! Is like the rainbow after rains, this somebody will appear and show you many loves. :D Yes, bring me for FOOD will definitely cheer me up! Hahaha! #1 His Caramel Milk with 3D art on it! A sinking bear but this tasted very good!!  #2 My Floating Cloud Chocolate , which is basically hot chocolate drink topped with whipped cream and marshmallows! I don't really love cream but I got no choice but to mixed up the whole creamy thing into my chocolate drinks so that I get to drink the chocolate.  #3 The poor OL (Office Lady) who has been stressed out in the office manage to pulled a smile after looking at the Floating  Cloud Chocolate.  #4 My Spicy Sichuan Noodle . Don't scare b

Feeka & Lima Blas - A day spent in Jalan Mesui

Saturday's plan always don't go accordingly because the party crusher (you know who you are) who just can't wake up early. =.=" Due to time constraint and we need to rush to our movie, we revisit Feeka again. #1 His Feeka's Big Breakfast with Caffe Latte . My Oats Porridge Galore with Flat White . I certainly do not appreciate the oat porridge coz' I do not like raisins!! :( Ended up I had his while he had mine.  #2 I need some slimming injection to my face. How come I do not have sharp nose and chin??! *self examining in front of mirror* fml PrinCess of the Day: Green knit blouse with Meow face, Olio Folio. Boyfriend denim, H&M . Belt, Massimo Dutti . Flats, Charles & Keith . Sling bag, Braun Buffel .  After the movie 'Break Up 100', which was very depressing. I mean, is really worth watching with your another half, IF both of you can, you know, understand the message that this movie is trying to bring to y

Boat Noodle - What so special about it?

I have been seeing many people checked in Boat Noodle and some websites even featured Boat Noodle as a Must-Visit restaurant in KL. Out of curiosity, (yeah, somehow curiosity kills a cat), I went there, waited for 30 minutes to get my seats. #1 Many 'cats' are here waiting for seats. #2   So many bowls... I pity the dish cleaner.. :( #3 Apparently beverage has more choice than food. #4 As first timer, we ordered each from the menu. Dry Beef Glass Noodle & Chicken Glass noodle, Soup Beef Glass Noodle & Chicken Glass noodle. #5 The final result - Each of us had 10 bowls, which equal to 20 mouths. To be frank, the taste is just so so, somehow or rather, it is just over rated. I think it is the concept that make it so unique and famous. But no harm trying for once, at least you know how many mouths are enough to stuff your stomach.   @princessmiharu xoxo,

Fuel - Western meet Eastern

Been passing by Fuel for few times and I really wanna try the food there. I saw from the website that Fuel serves homemade dumpling and also Beijing noodle. I always love Chinese food and these 2 dishes really attracted me. #1 Finally been there last 2 week!!! #2 Menu at the entrance on the blackboard. #3 Attracted by these cute little desserts. Didn't get to try out thou. was way too full. #4 #5 Leather cover menu. #6 My hot Latte with bear coffee art.  #7 His Caramel coffee. Taste very nice. #8 His Pork Burger. Very soft patty but i wish the patty can be a little bit bigger. #9 My Old Beijing noodle. The noodle is very springy and I love the spicy sauce. #10 Chinese leek dumpling. The dumpling skin is just nice, not too thick nor thin. The dumpling is actually quite juicy. Worth to try it out.  Overall the food is not too bad. Is another good choice when you looking for food in Uptown.  PrinCess of the Day:

Jam & Kaya - for the Pancake lovers

It was a raining Tuesday, which I could barely sleep and woke up to online search for the brunch idea. Was supposed to go to Jam & Kaya on Monday but they are closed, hence we headed to Jam & Kaya today.  #1 My daughter, Kitty F. has a new bunny sling bag! Cute or not? It was a coin pouch but I went to Kinokuniya and bought this white nylon string to make it a strap for her. Yeah, she got her pocket money inside the pouch! :D First time going to Jam & Kaya might be a little interesting for you to look out for them. No worries, just go to PJ Palms Sports Centre, look for the swimming pool, and you will see them. Eventually me & Mr. X are shocked because from the website, it looks like a house sit on a huge piece of grass. But it was not. Is all because of the angle and the grass area is not huge at all. Thou was a bit taken back by its outlook (basically just the grass area which I thought is huge till I can even ride a Unicorn there or something), I still l