PULP by Papa Palheta, Bangsar

Creativity never dies, when you see people eventually open a cafe just next to a 50 years old Art Printing factory and storehouse. Who could think of such brilliant idea to bring coffee aroma next to paper and ink cartridge? 

Simple greyish finishing with glasses, and a small signboard next to the entrance.

Very neat and clean arrangement for the food & beverage counter, and cashier. Maybe the owner has OCD jut like me? LOL. Am just kidding, I am not sure about him, but I am sure such arrangement make a OCD like me feel so comfortable. 

It looks spacious but eventually there is not much space in between tables. You might need to sit still once you sit down, else you will need to excuse yourself many times and annoy your neighbours.

No caffe latte, no mocha, no flat white. Is either Espresso, Espresso + Water, or Espresso + Milk. Else you may go for tea (English Breakfast, Earl Grey or Camomile), hot chocolate, soft drinks, or bottled beer and ciders.

Mr. X got a bit irritated when he knows no main course is serve here because he was so hungry. Mr. X ah, it was about 4.30pm and it should be tea time, hence we were there. So, remember guys, no main course is serve here except dessert and beverages. So do not expect lunch here, like Mr. X did. :p 

His organic English Breakfast tea and my Hot Chocolate. Yeah, none of us go for coffee, which is a bit defeat the purpose of coming here. But, do I look like I care? =.= Seriously, the hot chocolate is good, just nice and not too sweet.

Banoffee Tart. The combination of chocolate, coffee, banana paste and tart, very yummy! I love this!  

The Turkey Ham Quiche. The cheese, eggs, ham, and pastry crust, oh so nice! If you are hungry, go for salty savoury, such as this. This is strongly recommended for those who love quiche, or never try quiche before. 

The Mushroom Pie. Very crispy on the cover and soft in the inside. I wish they can have more mushroom inside. 

What am I thinking while drinking his tea? " where to go later? " " should I order one more dessert?"  

PrinCess of the Day:

Off-shoulder blouse, The Angel Dress.
Denim babydoll long top, room8008.
Bag, ZARA.
Nude flats, Charles & Keith

One more cafe down on the list! What's next? Stay tune, till we see ya again! 



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