Feeka Coffee Roasters

Saturday, where I woke up at 3pm, is literally a beautiful day (despite feeling hungry). Forget about hand wash my laundry, I get myself dressed up and ready to go out for my brunch, yeah, at 5pm.

Chosen this hot spot - Feeka Coffee Roasters located at Jalan Mesui. Been here for once but it was shut down. So yeah, finally got to try out their food.


The counter and coffee bar.

Very interesting paper cut out, especially the Chinese wording.

The dessert corner.

My hot Earl Grey tea and his Iced latte.

His Feeka Big Breakfast. He loves his food so I guess this dish is pretty good.

My Feeka Omelette. The tomatoes are too sweet for me. I prefer to eat without the tomatoes. This is very simple omelette, not that special but good enough. 

I love the interior design and atmosphere of Feeka, very relaxing and not too noisy (if you been to Mr. & Ms. Cafe, you know what I mean).  The food and coffee are okay, too bad I was too full and didn't get to try out their dessert. The desserts look pretty tempting and yummy. Will go for their desserts next time. 

PrinCess of the Day:
Denim shirt with bow, Stay Real x Hello Kitty by Ashin & No2good
Black skirt, Kitschen
Nude covered toes heels, Charles & Keith
Bag, ZARA 

I love this newly bought Hello Kitty denim shirt very much, thou is very expensive (RM289.90) but somehow I think is worthy. If you like it too, you can get this at Stay Real in Sunway Pyramid. :)

Oh yeah, thank you the photographer for such a lovely photo (despite we scared people off when they walked pass! LOL)



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