Acme Bar & Coffee

Always had my brunch or lunch at Acme Bar & Coffee, it was my first time had my dinner there. The overall atmosphere was so different compare to day time. The air conditioner definitely works better during night time. LOL. I always sweat myself when I was there during day time. 

Due to its overwhelming crowd, I have called and made reservation in advance. To my surprise, Sunday night wasn't that busy and people eventually walk in.

My Hot Flat White and his Mango Ice Granita

His Grilled Jumbo Hot Dog, which he quite likes it and said the sauce is nice.

Grilled 'Bacon' Wrapped Snails. This is duck bacon, very interesting combination. Worth to try it out.

Sizzling Brownie & Oreo Ice Cream, the signature dessert of Acme Bar & Coffee. Human being just got tempted by something fun, such as pouring the chocolate syrup in and the sizzling sound make people excited. LOL. By that saying, doesn't mean this is not delicious la ya. It's good and should definitely try out, at least once. 

PrinCess of the Night: 
Pastel mint green dress, POET
Hi-top sneaker, PUMA.

Even the washroom created such a beautiful scene for photo taking. Or should I say, the photographers did a great job by catching the right angle? Yup, I think so too. Haha. Thanks Mr. Photographer. :)

As we were too full, we decided to take a stroll outside. 

Welcome to Malaysia! LOL. Behind me are the Twin Towers, just in case you don't know. 

You! Yup, YOU! The one who hold the camera, you made me smile like no one ever did. Meow~

The cheeky me. Hahaha. 

I had fun jumping around there like a small kid. Yes, I am spoiled. Just in case you don't know, read About the Author.

Kthxbai. Ciao~  



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