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PULP by Papa Palheta, Bangsar

Creativity never dies, when you see people eventually open a cafe just next to a 50 years old Art Printing factory and storehouse. Who could think of such brilliant idea to bring coffee aroma next to paper and ink cartridge?  #1 Simple greyish finishing with glasses, and a small signboard next to the entrance. #2 Very neat and clean arrangement for the food & beverage counter, and cashier. Maybe the owner has OCD jut like me? LOL. Am just kidding, I am not sure about him, but I am sure such arrangement make a OCD like me feel so comfortable.  #3 It looks spacious but eventually there is not much space in between tables. You might need to sit still once you sit down, else you will need to excuse yourself many times and annoy your neighbours. #4 No caffe latte, no mocha, no flat white. Is either Espresso, Espresso + Water, or Espresso + Milk. Else you may go for tea (English Breakfast, Earl Grey or Camomile), hot chocolate, soft drinks, or bottled beer and

Le Moon's - the Tiffany Blue love

Actually Kuala Lumpur really has many interesting cafes or restaurants, despite the location which is somehow not nearby to where I stay. Most of the eateries are located near Petaling Jaya areas, some even farer. For example, Le Moon's, where I just visited on Friday, is located at Kajang Jade Hills, a completely new developing area. #1  Supposed to be here for tea time, but because of Mr. X, the day time basically was a car show rooms tour. (I know you are reading, be guilty please!!!) :p  The entrance is very eye catching and you will definitely find here because this is the only eatery at the whole row of shops! Yup, together with BMS Organic, which they sit side by side, there is no more shop open yet so far.  #2 The interior is very country home style with the awesome Tiffany blue painting and usage of wood furniture.  #3 Basically there were two sections at the ground floor, where one section is cozy sofas, and the other is dining tables. very thought

Acme Bar & Coffee

Always had my brunch or lunch at Acme Bar & Coffee, it was my first time had my dinner there. The overall atmosphere was so different compare to day time. The air conditioner definitely works better during night time. LOL. I always sweat myself when I was there during day time.  Due to its overwhelming crowd, I have called and made reservation in advance. To my surprise, Sunday night wasn't that busy and people eventually walk in. #1 My Hot Flat White and his Mango Ice Granita .  #2 His Grilled Jumbo Hot Dog , which he quite likes it and said the sauce is nice. #3 Grilled 'Bacon' Wrapped Snails . This is duck bacon, very interesting combination. Worth to try it out. #4 Sizzling Brownie & Oreo Ice Cream , the signature dessert of Acme Bar & Coffee. Human being just got tempted by something fun, such as pouring the chocolate syrup in and the sizzling sound make people excited. LOL. By that saying, doesn't mean this is not del

Feeka Coffee Roasters

Saturday, where I woke up at 3pm, is literally a beautiful day (despite feeling hungry). Forget about hand wash my laundry, I get myself dressed up and ready to go out for my brunch, yeah, at 5pm. #1 Chosen this hot spot - Feeka Coffee Roasters located at Jalan Mesui. Been here for once but it was shut down. So yeah, finally got to try out their food. #2 #3 The counter and coffee bar. #4 Very interesting paper cut out, especially the Chinese wording. #5 The dessert corner. #6 My hot Earl Grey tea and his Iced latte. #7 His Feeka Big Breakfast . He loves his food so I guess this dish is pretty good. #8 My Feeka Omelette . The tomatoes are too sweet for me. I prefer to eat without the tomatoes. This is very simple omelette, not that special but good enough.  I love the interior design and atmosphere of Feeka, very relaxing and not too noisy (if you been to Mr. & Ms. Cafe, you know what I mean).  The food and coffee are okay, too