Weekend Getaway to Sekeping Tenggiri

I know I have abandoned my blog for over a month. Due to my hectic workload, my body even collapsed and caused me blackout and fell on the ground with big bruise on my hip. I know this is crazy and I tried to recharge my energy with a short weekend getaway. 

This time, I am not traveling to other states or other country, instead I stay within Kuala Lumpur. Found this beautiful place thru the internet and decided to stay for 2 days 1 night. All I can say is, IT WAS AWESOME!

Upon reaching, I was welcomed by a hidden door under the trees and leaves. You actually feel like you went to wrong destination and would like to turn back and leave there. LOL.

I was staying in Poolview room, which directly facing the pool.

 The bench and big windows outside my room. Kitty and mama enjoyed the lovely view.

It was about 5pm when we reached to check in. As I already made a 7pm dinner reservation at Hit & Mrs, so I better dress up myself.

 YES! You gotta shower OUTDOOR (inside your room of course!)!! Imagine there is rains and you cannot shower anymore!!! Hahaha! It was my first time shower 'openly'. No door, no roof, nothing. I guess there is some problem with the hot water, apparently there was only cold water, no matter how I adjusted the pipes. I took some time to get used to the temperature before I managed to clean myself under that cooling shower head.

And I have a mirror next to the shower area, for me to do some touch up. 

My outfit for the night:
Leopard jumpsuit with long slit dress layering, Forever 21
Black sling pouch, MANGO Touch
Hi-top sneakers, PUMA

Some people wonder why I matched such an elegant dress with a pair of sneakers. To me, this is my style. I feel comfortable. I feel confidence. That's it. Why should I bother to listen to others and let them control what should I wear? I lead my own fashion. Take it or leave it, I didn't ask you to see me. 

 Was late for 30 minutes (oops!) but luckily they still reserved the seating for us. It was almost fully occupied with patrons inside Hit & Mrs. Open-style kitchen that give you the overall view on the preparation of food.

 Very homey style interior.


The appetizer.

 My Wagyu Cheek with braised onions, pickled pearl onion, parsnip and onion essence. They did not ask how well I want my wagyu to be. But this is the first time I had beef melted in mouth! But I don't really like the sauce thou.

His Lamb Short Loin with multigrain porridge and semi-dried carrot. I always don't really appreciate lamb as I don't like the taste. But I guessed he likes this lamb pretty well. 

Due to limited space in the restaurant, the waiter ushered us to the bar upstairs as we still have unfinished red wines.

 Very oldies feel in the bar.

Am I tunnel back to 60s or what? LOL. Loving the Bath Room signboard.

The bar area.

Sipping the wine and my mind was in a mess. Only if you can truly be with me, your body, your mind & your soul. 

Happy birthday to you. Drunk and I slept like nobody business.

The next day I woke up, made noise like a little girl, slipped over my monokini, and carried my Kitty to the pool side.

Morning swimming time with Kitty! 

NO! I do not know how to swim! I was only playing with water and try to paddle, without moving me from one side, to the other corner. LOL. 

Long leh my leg?? Haha! How clear is the pool water! 

That's what Poolview room has when open the windows - sight of the pool, right in front of the room.

Had some water splashing fun for about 45 minutes, it's time to shower and pack up for check out.

 Some emotional shots before I leave. p/s: my hair very long.

Outfit for the day:
White cropped top, H&M
Denim shorts, H&M.
Hi-top sneakers, PUMA.
Vintage bag, Louis Vuitton.
Hello Kitty, Build-A-Bear Workshop
Luggage, bought in Taiwan.

Can we not go? 

Hi Pulau & Ketam! The 2 doggies in Sekeping Tenggiri who are our bodyguards here. Thank you for being such a responsible doggies!! 

I said I don't want to go home!!! You don't understand!! :( 

Last glance before I leave. I will be back! *determine*

After checked out, we went to Cultura, where previously was Poco Homemade. This has been listed as one of the cafes that cannot miss out in year 2014.

Very vintage French style interior.


Firecracker. This is a bit too hard to chew. But it actually tasted quite nice despite the hardness. 

His Blackpepper Chicken toast with mini salad. He likes it very much but a bit too heavy for my first meal.

Instead, I prefer my Ham & Cheese toast. So much like a breakfast /brunch.

My hot flat white.

It was a wonderful getaway and I truly enjoyed myself. I hope you feel the same. By the way, a quote for you on your day.

"Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength." Betty Friedan (1921-2006)



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