Starlight Cinema for the First Time!

Have you ever thought of sitting like nobody business on a picnic mat, holding your favorite Kitty plush and pillow, putting on butter cream and strawberry jam on your scone, while enjoying movie under the big big sky? Yes, I did, and I have done that! :) 

Last Saturday, I have 2 free passes to watch Batman Trilogy at the Starlight Cinema, Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort.

The entrance.

There were few stalls, such as My BurgerLab, Sub 18 Gelato, Crazy Potato, Gong Cha, and 7 Eleven.

This cordoned area is where I was seated. Audi is being so sweet by providing us a mat, 2 pillows, and also some snacks and drink. As I reached quite early, I got to choose my place. 

The big big screen. As you can see, it was really crowded and almost full house. 

This is what I meant by sitting like nobody business while putting on butter cream and strawberry jam on my scone. LOL. By the way, the scone from Coffea Coffee is quite nice. But the best scone so far is from Harrods cafe still. 

It was a fun experience.But gentle reminder, bring mosquito repellent with you as there were so many mosquitoes. One more thing, there were only 3 mobile toilets each for male & female. As you know, female usually take longer time and literally need to queue. Try to go to the toilet before the movie ends to avoid long queue, where all people rush to toilet immediately after the movie ends. 

And trust me, going to mobile toilet is definitely a surprise because you will never know what is waiting for you. Good luck. =.=" 

Other than that, have fun when you are at Starlight Cinema! :) 



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