LOKL on Father's day Eve

It was a lovely Saturday where I woke up at 12.30 in the noon and washed my laundry, without rushing. I have decided to go LOKL to have our brunch + tea time as it was 3.30pm already (Thanks to Mr.Moh) =.=" 

I don't know why but I sort of like this signboard located near the open air car park. 

Very huge mural painting that we accidentally saw when we parked our car. Must grab this opportunity to take a photo there as I supposed this car park will be flooded with cars on daily basis. It was such empty on that Saturday, at that time. Recently my all-time-favorite : PUMA hi-top sneakers! Perfect match for shorts, and even dress!! 

My Hot Latte and his Hot Green Tea. He thought the green tea will served in a pot, but no worries, you can still add hot water after that. 

Mr. Moh ordered a 2-course set lunch. This is the starter - Meatball Soup. Yeah, obviously is too oily as you can see there is a layer of oil on top. I don't really love this. 

This is his main course - Chutney Chicken. The chicken tasted crispy yet juicy, perfect match with the specially made sauce. But the bread is too hard to bite.  I always love their salad, no mayonnaise, only some sour sauce, and no raw vegetables like lettuce or cabbage, only cherry tomatoes and cucumber. :)

My Bagel with Salmon and Cream Cheese. Honestly I think the cheese is very cheap nowadays, coz' they put so much cheese for me! LOL. I guess my sor chu chu will love this, cheese is her all-time-favorite. The bagel is too difficult to chew too. Ended up i only finish half of the bagel. 

My Peanut Butter Brownies with Gelato. Always love this sinful dessert from LOKL. Super smooth peanut butter that melted in your mouth!!! Mr. Moh scared of gain weight so he only had one spoon of this. But I like guy with tummy wor... :'(

Mr. Moh's Rose flavor Panna Cotta. I tried this before but I don't really like this. Apparently Mr. Moh thinks this is nice and he enjoyed it. 

We spent our evening there chit chatting and laughed over lame jokes. I had an awesome time with you. 

Happy Father's Day to you!  Love ya!



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