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Starlight Cinema for the First Time!

Have you ever thought of sitting like nobody business on a picnic mat, holding your favorite Kitty plush and pillow, putting on butter cream and strawberry jam on your scone, while enjoying movie under the big big sky? Yes, I did, and I have done that! :)  Last Saturday, I have 2 free passes to watch Batman Trilogy at the Starlight Cinema, Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort. #1 The entrance. #2 There were few stalls, such as My BurgerLab, Sub 18 Gelato, Crazy Potato, Gong Cha, and 7 Eleven. #3 This cordoned area is where I was seated. Audi is being so sweet by providing us a mat, 2 pillows, and also some snacks and drink. As I reached quite early, I got to choose my place.  #4 The big big screen. As you can see, it was really crowded and almost full house.  #5 This is what I meant by sitting like nobody business while putting on butter cream and strawberry jam on my scone. LOL. By the way, the scone from Coffea Coffee is quite nice. But the

LOKL on Father's day Eve

It was a lovely Saturday where I woke up at 12.30 in the noon and washed my laundry, without rushing. I have decided to go LOKL to have our brunch + tea time as it was 3.30pm already (Thanks to Mr.Moh) =.="  #1 I don't know why but I sort of like this signboard located near the open air car park.  #2 Very huge mural painting that we accidentally saw when we parked our car. Must grab this opportunity to take a photo there as I supposed this car park will be flooded with cars on daily basis. It was such empty on that Saturday, at that time. Recently my all-time-favorite : PUMA hi-top sneakers! Perfect match for shorts, and even dress!!  #3 My Hot Latte and his Hot Green Tea. He thought the green tea will served in a pot, but no worries, you can still add hot water after that.  #4 Mr. Moh ordered a 2-course set lunch. This is the starter - Meatball Soup . Yeah, obviously is too oily as you can see there is a layer of oil on top. I don't really l

Weekend Getaway to Sekeping Tenggiri

I know I have abandoned my blog for over a month. Due to my hectic workload, my body even collapsed and caused me blackout and fell on the ground with big bruise on my hip. I know this is crazy and I tried to recharge my energy with a short weekend getaway.  This time, I am not traveling to other states or other country, instead I stay within Kuala Lumpur. Found this beautiful place thru the internet and decided to stay for 2 days 1 night. All I can say is, IT WAS AWESOME! Upon reaching, I was welcomed by a hidden door under the trees and leaves. You actually feel like you went to wrong destination and would like to turn back and leave there. LOL. I was staying in Poolview room, which directly facing the pool. #1  The bench and big windows outside my room. Kitty and mama enjoyed the lovely view. It was about 5pm when we reached to check in. As I already made a 7pm dinner reservation at Hit & Mrs, so I better dress up myself. #2  YES! You gotta shower OUTDOOR (i