Birthday Chapter 7 at Alexis with Atilia's Jazz Performance

The whole March was a busy yet happy month for me as I got to catch up with all my good friends for my birthday meal plus celebration. It is truly a blessing as I believe is not easy to have friends that are sincere enough to remember and celebrate my birthday with me, even willing to scheduled for appointment . I really appreciated every single one of them.

As a closing of my birthday month, Darling Gigi has dated me to go Alexis at Great Eastern Mall for dinner. My first time visited Alexis at that mall, we are required to pay RM25 for the cover charge on that night, for Atilia's Jazz performance. Me & darling were like, "you better be good, else we will never come again!". LOL. 

Darling meet Kitty, my daughter. Hehe... :) 

Darling, me & Kitty! Such a happy portrait!!! 

You will get a stamp on hand upon enter after you pay the cover charge. 

Kitty reading menu, kononnya la. LOL.

Darling's latte.  

Apparently I think my darling love the latte and kept saying not bad, not bad. Indeed, it was a good try. 

My Darjeeling tea, currently favorite tea, compare to English breakfast. 

My Wild Mushroom Risotto. Nice but a little bit too salty. 

I love Risotto so much after I tried at Tatto. It's easy to eat for a lazy girl like me. :p

Darling's mashed potato.
The texture was fine but I prefer this to come with sauce or something. 

My Chocolate Moist Cake. 

This is very nice to eat, but a reminder, finish this while it still warm; after the cake is cold, the texture no longer soft and yummy.

Darling's Tiramisu.
I don't like this coz' I don't enjoy the nuts on top. :(

Kitty was so good girl while I played on my phone. 

Are you cold, Kitty? 

Atilia (on the right) performing. 

Atilia and her mom sang together!!
Darling and me were saying that our RM25 is worthwhile coz we got two persons sang together, even is for one song only.

Thank you darling for ended my birthday month with such wonderful Jazz performance. We promised to date again ya! But remember to wear long sleeves and cover up legs, too many mosquitoes!!! >_< I hope you enjoyed meeting my daughter and had fun taking photo with her! Hahaha! Muaksss~~



  1. hahaha it was nice to meet your daughter and it was a wonderful dinner. Hope you like it! btw, I was ordered cappuccino instead of latte. lol

    1. Oops, lol, sorry for wrong info! :p I had such a great time with you, my daughter enjoyed too! Hahaha! xoxo


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