A Sunday with Food & Retail Therapy

Sometimes I really feel like we are in a relationship, which we just won't get bore seeing each other everyday; in office, in shopping malls, in everywhere.

This was a beautiful Sunday where the Power Puff Girls (I dunno why but I suddenly thought of that), or the Colleagues-in-crime plus Yipji went to breakfast at That Latte Place. Not my first time there, I really like their breakfast.

Eggs Benedict - mine. As usual.

Hearty breakfast - Yipji's.

Omelette - Stephanie's.

My latte and Stephanie's hazelnut milk (if not mistaken).

Croissant - Evelyn's. 

Me & Stephanie. I think we looked really good in this photo. 


Both of us so nasty! LOL. Pointed at both of them who were so concentrating talking to each other. oh ya, and concentrating eating. :p 

Okay, kena scolded already. Took one nice nice de. 

This group photo is very nice too, I have to admit that my selfie skill is quite good. 

Yipji offered to take for us. Apparently I think my selfie skill so much better. Compare to #9 and see and you will know that. 

Due to the outdoor setting of That Latte Place, everyone of us were so sweaty and decided to change a venue. Hence, next destination is KLCC.

Our shopping loots!!! 

After shopped at several shops, we get hungry again. Shopping literally is a good exercise huh. So we stopped by Melur & Rhythm for tea time.

Nachos. Very not nice.


Long lost cucuk udang!!! I miss this snack but apparently this one here taste not so right.

Poor thing Yipji. :p 



Evelyn's California roll.

My Salmon set consists of 5 different styles of Salmon. Enjoyed this pretty much! 
It was a disaster to have such Power Puff Girls as friends as I spent too much when I was with them. Oops. no la, I am just kidding. :p I actually enjoy your companion. :) While I am writing this post, my Power Puff Girls and Yipji are waiting to meet me later. So, ciao~



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