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A Sunday with Food & Retail Therapy

Sometimes I really feel like we are in a relationship, which we just won't get bore seeing each other everyday; in office, in shopping malls, in everywhere. This was a beautiful Sunday where the Power Puff Girls (I dunno why but I suddenly thought of that), or the Colleagues-in-crime plus Yipji went to breakfast at That Latte Place. Not my first time there, I really like their breakfast. #1 Eggs Benedict - mine. As usual. #2 Hearty breakfast - Yipji's. #3 Omelette - Stephanie's. #4 My latte and Stephanie's hazelnut milk (if not mistaken). #5 Croissant - Evelyn's.  #6 Me & Stephanie. I think we looked really good in this photo.  #7 Both of us so nasty! LOL. Pointed at both of them who were so concentrating talking to each other. oh ya, and concentrating eating. :p  #8 Okay, kena scolded already. Took one nice nice de.  #9 This group photo is very nice too, I have to admit that my selfie skill is

Birthday Chapter 7 at Alexis with Atilia's Jazz Performance

The whole March was a busy yet happy month for me as I got to catch up with all my good friends for my birthday meal plus celebration. It is truly a blessing as I believe is not easy to have friends that are sincere enough to remember and celebrate my birthday with me, even willing to scheduled for appointment . I really appreciated every single one of them. As a closing of my birthday month, Darling Gigi has dated me to go Alexis at Great Eastern Mall for dinner. My first time visited Alexis at that mall, we are required to pay RM25 for the cover charge on that night, for Atilia's Jazz performance. Me & darling were like, "you better be good, else we will never come again!". LOL.  #1 Darling meet Kitty, my daughter. Hehe... :)  #2 Darling, me & Kitty! Such a happy portrait!!!  #3 You will get a stamp on hand upon enter after you pay the cover charge.  #4 Kitty reading menu, kononnya la. LOL. #5 Darling's latte.   Appar