The worst birthday gift ever - Skin Allergy!

Actually I was down with terrible skin allergy a week before my birthday. It happened on last Saturday midnight where I started to feel itchy all over my body. The next day I woke up with my legs and hands like these:



I got no choice but drove to clinic for injection. It has been about 2 years since I last having such skin allergy. After my injection and medication, my skin was perfectly fine at about 7pm, which I was still able to go out for my dinner. 

Who knows, the next day I woke up with different type of rashes which were so much redder and definitely double times itchier than the first day. I went to the same clinic and showed them my symptoms. The doctor gave me another ailment and also one more medicine, but didn't give me any injection because I just had one on Sunday morning. 

The symptoms worsen during night time.


In the morning the rashes on my faces will just gone away so I got back to work on Tuesday, with my super grossed legs and hands full with rashes. :( 

The situation didn't get any better. At the same night, my rashes appeared on whole body and even face!



It does looked like hives, to be frank. I went to government hospital on Wednesday, hoping to get a blood test. But because of all the rashes subsided, even thou I showed doctor the photos, he still thought that is not necessary to do a blood test. He just gave me a jab on my vein. Miracle happened when I went home and found that 90% of my rashes all gone. 

On the Thursday morning, only 10% of rashes appeared. I am hoping for a better condition so that I could make it to my Singapore birthday trip. Thank God it did and I managed to travel! :) Will update with my Singapore trip soon k!



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