Birthday Trip to Singapore - Build-A-Bear Workshop

As I mentioned in previous post, today is a very important day as I am going to do something I have been desire and wish to do. Curious to know? Read further and you will know what's that. :)

PrinCess of the Day:
Heart shape shade, Diva.
Pink printed dress, L.A.P.
Hello Kitty Sneakers, Vans.
 Bag, ZARA

Little sexiness at the back. 
We walked to Chinatown Point which is just located behind our hotel there to hunt for breakfast, or brunch, the better word. And we found this very traditional kopitiam.

My teh & Mr. X's iced teh. His cup so vintage!!! 

Nasi lemak served on newspaper style wrap. This is really yummy, the curry is not spicy at all and very fragrant with lotsa coconut milk.  

Half boiled egg and steamed butter & kaya bread. 

After brunch, we took MRT to Plaza Singapore to make my wish comes true. 

Here you go! 

Deng deng!!! To make my own Hello Kitty!!! Poor Kitty with skin only, no flesh!! >_<  bit scary hor! 

To mark down such historical moment, I have asked Mr. X to helped me video record the whole process. Wahahahaha! Now you can watch the process of me making my Hello Kitty! It's a bit long but I think you will enjoy the process, even my mom thought this is too cute! Hahaha!


Have to swear before you bring your bear/plush away with you! 

I am done! Fulfilled my wish!!! I am happy girl!! 

Hungry again! Craving for dessert!

Very nice atmosphere. 

'Drums roll.....'!!!! Hello Kitty say hi!!! So big!! Her face bigger than mine le!!! :D 

My Darjeeling tea and his Matcha Softee. 

I felt being cheated coz my Darjeeling tea should serve in a pot, as written on the menu. They only gave me a cup which was so much not worthy. :( His softee tasted so good so he got no complain on that. 

Vanilla souffle. Thumbs up!! Melted in your mouth!!!  

Chocolate lava cake with softee. This is very yummylicious too!!! Totally in love with both of these desserts!! 

The morning session ended so well and I just can't stop smiling. I talked and played with my Hello Kitty so much that Mr. X said I looked like a little girl, especially when I was making my Hello Kitty, my expression showed that I was full with expectations and looking forward to complete my Hello Kitty.

I am officially Mama Valerie to Hello Kitty who was born on 15th March 2014! 



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  2. blogwalking from another fan of hello kitty lover! hey...i really love your sneakers!

    1. Hi Hunny Kitty! Nice to meet you! Thanks, I got it from Vans. :)


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