Birthday Trip to Singapore - 16th March Birthday Night!

Earlier on my Hello Kitty making experience has made me a happy girl throughout the day. But birthday eve is something I was looking forward too as we had made reservation at PS. Cafe, Harding Road for my birthday countdown dinner. 

PrinCess of the Day: 
Body hugging cutout dress, Coconaf (Singapore)
Nude color heels, Charles & Keith.
Bag, ZARA.
Bracelet (a gift just received from Mr. X before we go out), Lapalette. :D

Very cozy atmosphere and full with patrons.

The happy girl and excited for the food.

Mr.X's Iced Lemon. 

I was telling Mr. X that I have so much sense of art. Can you imagine how I can snapped such a nice photo with such a simple object. LOL.

My Hot Green & Jasmine tea, as usual, tea-lover.

Mr.X's BBQ Ribs. 

The pork is so crispy outside yet juicy inside. And the rib is really big, I know you can't see from this picture. Next time I shall put a.... fork? or my face next to it to show how big it is. :p  

My Chicken Rossa Penne. 

I love this tomato creamy sauce, very similar yet tasted differently from bolognese due to the creamy sauce. Thumbs up! I have to mention that the portion is huge. Both of us were so so full. I think these 2 dishes can serve for 3 persons. 

After the fulfilling dinner, we spent some time chit chatting while countdown for my birthday. I realized I am old, coz' I started feeling sleepy at 11pm. LOL. I was telling Mr. X that can 12am come faster? I wanna sleep. Hahaha. I always said that my physical age is 26, but my biological age is 62. :p 

Mr. X went to order the dessert and the waiter supposed to take out with candle light on, but i think they forgot. Oops. Anyway, I appreciated your effort k, Mr. X? 

The wind was too strong and I tried to 'protect' my candle light! 

Finally the light stays for me. Ish, geram! >_< But I still looked super happy in this photo. :) Look at all the fine lines =.=" and you know that this is genuine smile. 

Make a wish! I wish........................................ 

Sticky Date - Steamed pudding with lashing of toffee sauce.

The dessert aka my birthday cake is sweet till you drop!!! Thou I love dessert, but I have to say, this makes me have diabetes la. Too sweet. Order this only if you have very high tolerant to sweet. 


The outdoor seating. 

A good place for any occasion! 
I had a superb 26th birthday! Awesome place, awesome food, awesome gift, awesome companion! I got the best smile photo but Mr. X is too shy to show his face, so I can only keep it for us. LOL. Thanks for everything, I really appreciated and I truly enjoyed the night, or to be exact, the entire day. 



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