Birthday Chapter 6 at Yutaka, Solaris Mont Kiara

Recently I have this love toward Japanese food, so much that I will always go for Japanese cuisine if my friends ask me what to eat. LOL. Just cannot resist Salmon Belly waving to me. :p 

This time celebration was with all my freelance girls and also friends that we met during event. I guess we have known each other from 2010 or 2011, glad that we still keep in touch and hang out once in a while. For my birthday dinner,we went to Yutaka, a Japanese restaurant located at Solaris Mont Kiara. 

We were having something like fine dining, food was served individually in a decent portion. 







We were so so full that we have to asked the chef to stop serving. As this restaurant was belong to my friend's friend, we don't even need to order, the chef just designed the menu for us and serve whatever he has chosen. Seriously, too full. O.o

While we were resting and enjoyed the sake and green tea, all my girls were saying that they have prepared a handsome man for me. So I was thinking could it be a strip dance. LOL. Then they went out to check out the 'man', whether he is ready with everything on. I was so so curious to know who is that, or to be exact, what is that.

Then the light was off, and a lady carry a cake with candles in. No, I wasn't disappointed. But I was really convinced that there will be something or someone, instead of a cake. I was overjoy!

Birthday cake in Hello Kitty shape, handmade by Ka Man!!! So adorable!!! 

Birthday girl with her birthday cake. I am a happy girl. :) 

Make a wish! 

Thanks for the gifts and red packet!! 

One of my birthday gift is Fisheye lens from Freda. Oh my gosh I love it! Some funny and cheeky shots! 
Thanks East for the yummylicious dinner! Thanks sugar Freda for the Fisheye + Macro + Wide Angle lens! Thanks baobei Liyin for the Crabtree & Evelyn set! Thanks Ka Man for the handmade Hello Kitty cake! Thanks Kent for the red packet! Thanks darling Gigi for the companionship and hope you enjoyed the moment with new friends!!!*Darling, I shall see you soon next week! ;)

Thanks gals & guys! I love you all!! Muaks muaks!!!

p/s: Sugar & Baobei, after this month, kindly date me along for your high tea session. Don't leave me alone. :'(



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