Birthday Chapter 5 at Tatto, Hampshire Place

The moment when I turned into the junction, I felt as if I am not in KL. The road is so much wider than usual, and the building is slightly different from what I have seen in KL. It's that kind of feeling that you have walked into somewhere outside KL. 

I saw the Hampshire Place and parked my car at the car park. I am surprised that there is such Italian restaurant located at this building, almost dead and silence at that hour (9pm). Oops. :p 

Seriously think that the indoor should be a smoke-free area. :( 

Very cozy interior. 

You will be surprised that the restaurant is quite crowded, especially with Caucasians. 

Further inside is suitable for party or function purpose. 

My Pink Guava chilled juice. 

His freshly made pappardelle alla Bolognese.  
According to him, an Italian restaurant is fail if they serve terrible Bolognese. So I guess Tatto is quite a successful one. ;) 

Risotto with Chicken & Asparagus. 
I seriously love my risotto!! Looks almost perfect like a patient food because of its colors. In fact, this is tasty! I was down with skin allergy that night, hence this is like the best dish I could ever order. 

Dessert corner never fail to caught my eyes!

Huge Nutella that definitely grab all my attention the moment I walked in! And this is REAL! Is heavy ya!

My brownies with vanilla ice cream. 
Not an impressive one, but average. The vanilla ice cream is way too sweet for me. 

His Chocolate Banana cake. 

He was looking forward to something like Secret Recipe, where you have banana slices in between the cake. But too bad. This is like those banana cake that we bought from Malay stall, but cover with Nutella chocolate on top. 

After so many times of mentioning His, here you go, meet Dr. Rezal.  

Birthday gift from him. 

I was guessing the HK, is it mean Hello Kitty. Lol. 

OMG! I love this Swarosvki Hello Kitty Valentine Edition bracelet!!

I had an awesome night with good food, good companion, and not to forget, amazing birthday gift!! I never thought that you would give me such a wonderful gift! You really surprised me! I appreciated every efforts you have made! Thank you so so much! Catch up again soon k! Take good care! :)



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