Birthday Chapter 4 at Philharmonic Orchestra

I really believe in fate. Sometimes it just takes one incident and 2 persons can click immediately and be BFF. Same goes to me and Janine, my new colleague. She just joined in January and both of us were in the Employee Engagement Committee (ECC). She is about 155cm and I am 174cm. Despite the distance of height (LOL), we made a pair of good friends. This marked our second outing together. 

My Caramel Milk Tea. Asked for less sugar but is still too sweet for me. 

Taiwanese Beef  Noodle set. Always love this coz the soup carry a little spiciness. 

My lovely soh po Janine. 

How the Philharmonic Orchestra setting looks like. Actually can't take photo, I secretly took this. Oops. :p 

Thank you Janine and your husband for having me on that beautiful Saturday night and my first time watching orchestra. It was MPO Plays The Beatles, conducted by Carl Davis. Coincidentally, our seating numbers was row J16, J17 and J18. So I requested Janine's husband  to gave me the J16 because my birthday is on 16th. So sorry for taken up your best seat! :p

Out of so many songs that they played, I just can't get this song out of my mind. It is such a lovely song!!!

'Yesterday'. So sentimental that I couldn't help but closed my eyes to enjoy the instrumental music play by them.   

Last but not least, dedicated to all of you out there, who love The Beatles. Enjoy the tracks!



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