Birthday Chapter 3 at The Mill, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

This chapter, we will go to The Mill located at Grand Millennium  KL. Haha, I sound like I am writing a book or something. LOL. My friend, Kev Win has decided to bring me to The Mill for their buffet, as he knows that I am a big eater, very unusual girl.  

Very special kitchen style deco.

With bird cage which I do not know the indication of having that together with kitchen utensils. LOL.

Colorful steam baskets and pots. 

My favorite corner of the night - Japanese Cuisine!!

Some appetizer. 

Chocolate fondue!!! 

Dessert corner!!! 

Seating arrangement. 

Another seating corner. 

I always love to take little by little. This is to make sure I don't waster the food if I find that the food not suit my taste, I won't left whole plate unfinished. 

I love soba!!! And not to forget, favorite Salmon sashimi!!!  Salmon belly is the best!!! 

Dessert served in local Malaysian delight and Western style. 

Chocolate mint & green tea ice cream. Too milky taste for me. 

Kev Win & me. 

The waiter forced me to smile wider!! I was like wtf? Why la you wanna force me to smile? I don't love to smile k! Eventually the photo turned out to be quite a nice one. Haha. Soli lo...I smile wider next time k! 

Godiva chocolate from Kev Win, as my birthday gift. 

Thank you Kev Win for the birthday dinner buffet and the Godiva chocolate. I appreciated very much . :) All the best and I wish you could achieve your 2014 resolution!! (You know what I meant, don't you? Hehe) Let's add oil together la ya! Cheer~



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