Birthday Chapter 2 at Grand Kingdom

It was supposed to be just a usual gathering lunch at Grand Kingdom together with Jansen, which we have been talking about having a meal together since last month. The lunch was joined together with Marilyn, Ixora, Wan Teng and Jansen's friend. After our main courses while waiting for dessert to be served, suddenly the light went off and waiter walked in with a cake in his hands! I was overjoy!! 

Still shock in system. LOL. 

Thanks Marilyn for reminded Jansen to get the cake for me! :) Muaks muaks!

The most noble man for all this - Jansen! I am sorry I was too busy adjusting the cake. LOL. You looked great in this photo! 

With Alvin, Jansen's friend. 

With Wan Teng.

With Khoo, Jansen's friend too. Thanks for being there. Hope you are not annoyed with our girls talk! LOL.

Cake cutting ceremony! :)

This was my first birthday cake blowing this year. I really appreciated all of our companionship! I had an awesome lunch and gossip talk with you all! Sorry for bringing the Malaysian Gossip Girls to Jansen and Khoo. LOL. But I know Jansen enjoyed that. Hahaha. Thank you all! :)



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