Birthday Chapter 1 at Le Lapin Cafe

Finally is my favorite month of the year - MARCH!!! As a Pisces baby, I would celebrate throughout the whole month, eventually. And my first celebration plus gathering started as early as 2nd of March with my Darling Hurley, coming back all the way from Sarawak.

On the way going to fetch Darling from train station. 

Darling's Iced Mocha Java.
I sipped the chocolate-like-coffee, it tasted quite refreshing. Not bad.

My Le Lapin Coffee Ice Cube.

 Personally think that they should use warm milk so that the coffee ice cube could melt a little bit faster and the coffee aroma could be tasted at the very beginning. 

My Chicken Mushroom Pie.
 The pie has very crispy skin and the fillings consist of creamy chicken, mushroom and carrot. I seriously think this is really nice. I had this until very messy coz' all the crispy skin flew over the place. =.="

Darling's Napolitan Spaghetti with mushroom, sausages and egg on top.  
 This dish was served with sufficient sausages and mushrooms until Darling can't finish all. Personally still prefer the Chicken Mushroom Pie compare to this, thou this is good too.

My Chocolate Moist Cake. 
Looking at the color of the ice cream, I still can't figure out what flavor is that, tasted neither corn nor mango. But it tasted nice together with the warm chocolate moist cake. Not too sweet and I really enjoy the texture of the cake. 

Darling Hurley and me! 

Very simple mural art to spelled out the name and icon of the restaurant. 

Very eye catching mural art along the staircase. A bunch of rabbits having fun together. 

Insane PrinCess of the Day:
 Black cropped top with see through shorts, MODO.
Nude covered toes shoes, Midori Boutique.
Beige bag, ZARA
Hello Kitty Diana Mini camera, Lomography.

My gift from Darling which she asked her Japanese colleague to bought from Japan!!! Thanks darling!  Kindly ignore my pork knuckle. =.="
It was a great catch up with you! Hope you will love the skin care that I recommended you and it will helps your skin condition. Glad that you are now back to Central and no need go back to East anymore. We shall see each other more often ya! Take care and love you! 



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