TOUS les JOURS with Sugar & Baobei

The best thing about life is to have BFFs who can be with you when you need them. It doesn't need to be saddening case (broke up or whatsoever), but having BFFs to hang out on a Sunday morning is a blessing too! 

I have my Sunday morning date with Sugar (Freda) and Baobei (Liyin) at TOUS les JOURS. I've been to the Bangsar one for the dessert. This time we went to Wolo one, opposite H&M Lot 10 for breakfast. 

My hot Cafe Latte. Don't even have coffee art on it. Ish. I hate my latte without coffee art on it. Is a very normal cafe latte. 

Baobei's Caramel Macchiato. Didn't get to try this but i guess will be super sweet.

My Egg Benedict. After tried out the House Egg Ben in That Latte Place, I have this tendency to order egg benedict every time. But so far I have not find anywhere better than That Latte Place. Even this one in TLJ. 

Baobei's Grilled Mushroom. Overpriced at RM21 which I think mine is so much better.

Sugar's Guave juice, very healthy girl that day (only).

Sugar's omelette. 

The food is not as impressive as I thought; however, the atmosphere is cozy and refreshing for a morning hang out session there. 

While we having our meal, the photo experience no longer the same when Baobei took out her Fish Eye len.

Deng deng! Here you go! So nice right? Hehehe... :) 

We were sitting at 1st floor.


How good that we can have wider angle and could fit all the food and background into our photo!! Plus is a selfie!!! Hehehe.... 

Baobei, BB & Sugar!

See who got the most bloated face! Sugar won!

See who got the smallest eyes! Sugar won again!! What were I doing? I wink. =.="

See who got the biggest eyes! I main busuk here by using my hand! Hahaha! I think Baobei won in this round.

Okay, a normal one. Hehehe.

With backlight, still look quite nice thou.

Ground floor with all the bread, pastries, and cakes.

We never missed any opportunities to take photo, even right at the entrance. LOL.

These 2 fellows tried to take photo without me! I am so gonna photo-bombed you 2!! Lalalala~~~

Loving this photo, taken by Baobei!!! Hehehe... So natural !

I can die when the Fish Eye len can took such a nice photo with this huge head Line icon fit into the frame!! Walao eh~~~ 

Who says we need strangers to help us take photo with the Chinese New Year deco here? Blek! :p

We are happy family. :)

A video of us, the three crazy bitch ladies! Haha, have fun with the Fish Eye lens, seriously. :D

PrinCess of the Day:
Black cropped top, Bershka. Black high waist flare skirt, Kitschen. Nude color shoes, Midori. Nude color bag, ZARA.

Instagram: @princessmiharu


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