My Insane Workaholic February

February was an insane month for me. I have started to work on the second day of Chinese New Year, which was on the 1st of February. I know right? :(

Event: Fortune Fills The Home @ Tropicana 218 Macalister, Penang Island

I was driving my small little car all the way to Penang as we are not allowed to take flights. Stephanie was my passenger that day. We were stuck in traffic jam hence the selfie.

Coco, the cat daughter of Sunny, the cat papa aka sales person. Look at its not-so-smart face. 

The photo opp area. I have to be the first one to snap photo at here and post to Instagram! #T218M

With the most handsome man in Sales team, Victor.

With my selfie-partner-in-crime, Miss Stephanie. I really dislike to take photo with you lo. Why you so freaking photogenic one??! >.<

Loving our transparent marquee with pink scallop and underlay! So sweet~~ 

Description of the posing, in depth: Good job everyone! 

Description of the posing 2, in depth:Tropicana heart you! (eh..... sound so wrong...)

Description of the posing 3, in depth: We are Wong Fei Hong? (I have no clue about the idea of having this pose..... ) 

Lou sang lou ah~~~ Huat arr~~~ 

Event: Once Upon A Time In Shanghai @ Tropicana Golf & Country Resort

My Shanghai style cheongsam. I love the color and the floral design. 

With Felyx.

With Stanney.

With Victor.

With soh poh Janine. 

With CK.

With Ben.

With Marvin.

 With Marilyn & Wan Teng. Wan Teng claimed that she is the bridge of KLCC. LOL.

With Frank Scott Hew.

The Employee Engagement Committee (EEC) members for the Staff Annual Dinner 2014! Well done and good job everyone!!! *Thumbs up* 

Event: Heights of Good Fortune @ Tropicana Heights Kajang

After the event, can you see where I hide at?? I was spending whole day in the 2-storeys show unit to be the ambassador.  Hosting the house is not easy coz' I have to talk non stop since morning till night. "This is a 2 storey house, 22' x 70'. This is brim free so................................" =.=" Very tiring talking day. 

Event: An Exquisite Experience at Bora Residences @ Tropicana Danga Bay, Johor Bahru

Me & my Bearista affair (spot for him in my bag!!!!) at Tropicana Danga Bay sales gallery. All brighten up with the fairy lights! Thanks Eveline for such beautiful shot! xoxo!

The weirdest combination ever! Chocolate brownies with Asahi Super Dry beer. LOL.

When you never get enough in the bar, here what you do in the room. LOL. We believe in Work Hard, Play Hard!! 

Okay, this will summed up the very intimate moment of me with my Bearista in the room. LOL. I was talking and playing with my Bearista while my Head of Department, Ms. Anny took my photos. Laugh all you can. =.=" 

With Marilyn, Serena & Anny. We are always the Twin Towers in this company. 

With Maya, from Tropicana Danga Cove. She is such a sweet girl that she texted me when I came back to KL, saying that she really likes me and think that I am a friendly and easy to approach person. :) Don't forget our date ya when you come to KL! 

With the JB team and also Corporate Communication colleague. I have to bend down coz I am too tall standing next to them. Hahaha.

This JB staff asked to take a photo with me. After that,  the other sale staffs told me that he is actually a very very shy and quiet person, his usual reaction will be yes, no, okay, fine, or nodding and shaking head. So all of them are surprised when he approached me and asked for photo shooting. 

My new friend, Glenda. Very friendly, sociable and fun girl. 

He say," This is how I am going to express to you on your long legs." 
He acted. 
Me, " Oops." 

We are from the Tropicana Class 2014. LOL. It's like a school group photo la! 

I think this photo can be used as the corporate photo, with all the staffs surrounding the scale models, people definitely know what is our nature of business. Hahaha. 

Thou February was super busy with so many events, but I was happy and satisfied whenever an event ended successfully. 

I would like to say thank you to my body for supporting me throughout the whole February and did not collapse. I have pampered myself with a nice Traditional Massage and a hair treatment and coloring. Sometimes you just need to reward yourself after a whole series of hardwork. 

Welcome the arrival of my favourite month - MARCH!!! *hint: I am a March baby!!!* 

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