Ex-colleagues at Garage 51 & Paradigm Mall

Thou I have resigned from my first job in an event company, I still have a good contact with my ex-colleagues. Hence we decided to meet up for a meal and to update each others life. This was my first Chinese New Year gathering as I have started to work on the second day of Chinese New Year. celaka

Our dearest Sara has suggested to meet up at Garage 51, Sunway. I've been wanted to go there, so yeah, I was looking forward to it.

It was all packed during 2.30pm. All tables are occupied and patrons are queued for their seats. I was thinking, the food must be very nice.

The coffee bar.

My hot latte. It was just fine. 

My Awesome Garage Breakfast, made with diced mushrooms, homemade hash potatoes, smoked cured salmon, free-range poached eggs with hollandaise.  Not that awesome anyway. I was expecting a better and more impressive one. A bit disappointed actually. 

 All my ex-colleagues! Miss you all and wish you all the best and success in whatever you do. I know everyone of us is moving forward to a better career and goals, and some even moving to next stage of their life. We will all success, I believe. :) 

After the meal, some of them went home to sleep (neh, those hangover geh ah~~~). So me & Sookie decided to go Paradigm Mall for a walk. And you will see the so-alike-Korean-Bear-Museum in front of H&M!So many bearsssss................. 

Aww~~ Why you gave me flowers? I am allergic to flowers la... But I do looked pretty in this photo. Wahaha. 

Naughty bear! Pinch your ear!!

A not so impressive coffee art at Pacific Coffee Company. The taste, well, it tasted latte lo. 

Guess who was there?? Deng deng! Jia Jia!!!! Aww....my darling~~~ Miss you la~~ And I looked freaking chubby in this photo. Both of you won lo! Push me to be the most front one! *stare at you two* 

I enjoyed my Saturday with all of you and it is such a blessing, knowing that all of you live well, and will be better. Take care and we shall see each other again very soon! 

PrinCess of the Day:
Sharp pink dress, L.A.P . Bag, ZARA. Shoes, Midori Boutique. Bracelet & earrings, both from L.A.P.

I am loving the design at the back. My darling Gigi love this dress too. :D I told her this is the one & only piece. LOL. 

What do you think of my Korean style? Yay or nay? 

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