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My Insane Workaholic February

February was an insane month for me. I have started to work on the second day of Chinese New Year, which was on the 1st of February. I know right? :( Event: Fortune Fills The Home @ Tropicana 218 Macalister, Penang Island #1 I was driving my small little car all the way to Penang as we are not allowed to take flights.  Stephanie was my passenger that day. We were stuck in traffic jam hence the selfie. #2 Coco, the cat daughter of Sunny, the cat papa aka sales person. Look at its not-so-smart face.  #3 The photo opp area. I have to be the first one to snap photo at here and post to Instagram! #T218M #4 With the most handsome man in Sales team, Victor. #5 With my selfie-partner-in-crime, Miss Stephanie. I really dislike to take photo with you lo. Why you so freaking photogenic one??! >.< #6 Loving our transparent marquee with pink scallop and underlay! So sweet~~  #7 Description of the posing, in depth: Good job everyone!  #7

TOUS les JOURS with Sugar & Baobei

The best thing about life is to have BFFs who can be with you when you need them. It doesn't need to be saddening case (broke up or whatsoever), but having BFFs to hang out on a Sunday morning is a blessing too!  I have my Sunday morning date with Sugar (Freda) and Baobei (Liyin) at TOUS les JOURS. I've been to the Bangsar one for the dessert. This time we went to Wolo one, opposite H&M Lot 10 for breakfast.  #1  My hot Cafe Latte. Don't even have coffee art on it. Ish. I hate my latte without coffee art on it. Is a very normal cafe latte.  #2 Baobei's Caramel Macchiato. Didn't get to try this but i guess will be super sweet. #3 My Egg Benedict. After tried out the House Egg Ben in That Latte Place , I have this tendency to order egg benedict every time. But so far I have not find anywhere better than That Latte Place. Even this one in TLJ.  #4 Baobei's Grilled Mushroom. Overpriced at RM21 which I think mine is so much bet